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11870.com is a web site (duh) that talks about services (as in places, restaurants, cleaners, theaters,etc.)

It is based in Madrid and while being some what focused on Spain, there are other major cities in there.

I put a few things up from Southern California and today in the mail I got a small gift thanking me.

They had a summer promotion and I honestly didn't think it would be something like what I got.

There was a small card that said in part "Greetings from Madrid"...

It was nice to get this today. =)

Check out 11870.com when you get a chance.. it could be an interesting place as more things are entered into it.

(Also I wonder how many of you will get the reference of the error page.... and yeah click here.... figured it would be easier than having you try to get an error.)


Apr. 18th, 2008 02:28 am
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I should be in bed asleep.

But I am not just yet.

Mikuni Sushi is opening in Denver on 8/1/2008.

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I have been looking at jobs all over the place.. well, all over the US. However, I want to stay in California.

I want to live somewhere in CA where I don't need a car. Of course, this means that I get a job that is close to where I live and I can either walk or take public transportation.  Some areas that have come up are Long Beach, Santa Monica, and the Bay Area.  Well, I need to focus on getting a job first. Wish I could telecommute =)

Been trying out various online services such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Last.fm and various new "web 2.0" sites. Interesting stuff, but I need to focus on something that provides income. I don't think I would make much $ doing the BlogTalkRadio thing (other than some people might pay me to stay OFF the air) =P
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I left at 9pm on Wednesday from Southern California and drove straight through to Denver, arriving just before 2pm on Thursday at my destinaion. I tried getting on a WiFi connection. No luck, so plan B. MSN Mobile IM.  He is online. I send him a message saying Hi. We chat for a couple minutes, while I wait for someone to open the security door so I can ask them if I can get it.  Fortunatly a cleaning lady was going in, so I tailgated into the building.  As I am going up in the elevator, I get ready to text him "What is your wish?" He replies right as I get to the door with "you here." I knock and when he opens the door I say "Wish granted." 

He was in shock for at least an hour and well, kinda out of it for the rest of the day. 

We went walking around downtown Denver, met his roommate, got some dinner, slept, and then the next day, headed out to move my car again. We went to Panera Bread, where the following picture was taken.

I Love My Wuf!

I am still in Denver until at least Monday, and next Sunday at the latest.  When I head back is mainly dependent on the weather.  The worst part of this trip is going to be the drive back.

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See My Google Calendar

There is a button to see my schedule. My "busy" time. It doesn't include time for sleep, nor for actually running errands and such, but includes blocks of time that I am pretty much busy doing something (like watching my kids.)  I will try to update this calendar as often as possible.

In a nutshell..

Sunday - Every other one - busy until 9pm or later
Monday - Busy 2p-7p
Tuesday - Every other one - 2p until 9pm or later
Wednesday - Busy 2p-7p
Thursday - Busy 1p-7p
Friday - Busy 2p-7p + every other one busy from 2pm on.
Saturday - Busy - 7am-7pm and every other one busy all day.

Of course, that is just the preset schedule and does not take into consideration school holidays, errands, interviews (hopefully) and other stuff like that.   Such as 11/12 (Monday) I will be busy from 7am-7pm due to the school holiday.

Now, for the "free" time.. .please feel free to ask me out. Take me to a movie. To dinner (sushi?). To the beach. To the mountains. whatever. Help me fill out the rest of my time with something besides just sleeping, working on FURiends and looking for a job,. =)

Hoof a nice day.


Jul. 8th, 2007 05:02 am
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Would anyone like to take a moose out for sushi?
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Teh Moger is currently not under contract (read, unemployed.)

Going to take the next couple days off... visit teh pup and take care of K3 for a bit Friday.

After that, I need to schedule some stuff to do. I have a few websites that I am working on, and another big one possible in the future.

Would like to find something to do as a "real job" for now though.



Weak End

Apr. 28th, 2006 08:38 pm
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Having a pretty good week, although way too busy with work.

Doing Visual C++ programming for WindowsCE 4.2 platform. Yeah. Uh huh. No, I have not done it before.

Also dealing with a lot of legacy systems and for the most part don't have to deal with the new systems yet.

So, since I have been busy working, sleeping or driving, I haven't been on LJ much... fire up IE7b2 and take a look.

Wow... can LJ suck the joy out of you faster than a [insert funny line here]!

Thought back about a phone call that I got yesterday from a furiend. He probably has no idea on how it impacted me... but it made me smile as I thought, "Some of my friends are on LJ, but they are not defined by LJ and I should not let LJ impact how I feel about them or how their life is better/worse than mine."

Yeah...deep huh?

I know that everyone doesn't like a moger. Sorry. Try talking to me one on one. Tell me what you think about me and I will listen. Please listen to me when I reply.

Went to see Silent Hill with 5p1ic3 and Blue earlier this week... had a good time... at least the Pyger didn't give her directions in the Hospital. (Don't ya hate 'inside jokes'?) It was good, but just that good. I guess I missed something. While it kinda felt like I was watching someone else play a video game... at least they were more entertaining than watching DOOM.

I am busy Saturday morning, and probably afternoon (as the Pyger wants to go to the meet.) Sunday is family day.... so I am usually busy then.

However, as of right now, I don't have anything planned for Saturday night, so if someone wants to have some moger time, let me know.

Anyone going to CaliFur next weekend? Going down Friday night and back Sunday night? Have room for a moger? Just checking.
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Now, some of you (Hi Pyger!) thought I was being extremely depessing for my last post.

I had just downloaded the EP for "Every Day Is The Same," so I thought I would make one of those annoying lyrics posts (with a slight modification to make it one paragraph.) I am not depressed. Actually, I am in a pretty good mood for various reasons. Listened to teh rest of the EP and that um was interesting.

I didn't get a chance to get out, as some plans changed yet again =) but oh well... I will get a chance to see some of my furiends soon =)

Hoof a moose excellent weekend... and Hoppy Easter!

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The Moger was sighted at an In-N-Out Burgers on Truxel in Sacramento, CA this afternoon.

Below is one image that was taken.   For more images visit the Moger Sighting Gallery.

Head, Tail, Hooves and Paws by [livejournal.com profile] fallimar of Draconics.

Jersey by Moose Hockey.

Pants by Dockers.


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