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Had a great time... met a lot of furs that I have talked to online.

In no particular order.. had some fun fursuiting, hanging out with my KiTs and teh Pyger, hanging out with various furs, visiting with my ex's exs =P, holding up people for "stuff," being in the fursuit parade with a total of 286 fursuiters, having some most excellent tea, walked a lot (including to McD's a few times,) dealt with issues of a site I work on being attacked, hung out and helped Windows users try to use the Macs in the Internet Cafe (and yeah, I am no mac expert, but I think I was helpful...also in decoding the Kanja Keyboards,) and well... a bunch more stuff =)

Next year's FC (FCX) is the last weekend of January 2008. The theme is "Fur East." It will be at the DoubleTree San Jose, CA yet again (2009 is still up in the air.)
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Yes, I am going.

I should be there Thursday evening.

Problably thru Sunday or Monday night.

Got a ride there.. not sure about back yet.

The Pyger was nice enough to find someone to watch the squids while she is at work so I could go for the full con.

The Pyger and squids might show up Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Not sure.

If you see a moger, I might or might not be in teh mogersuit.... please feel free to hug.

I do need to find someone who can do some work on teh mogerhead (it needs some eye and ear work.)

*happy moger dance*

PS. Trying to get FURiends in to BETA mode by Thursday at 5pm.
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I hoof been real busy with work. Got a little bit of time to see some furiends over the past couple weeks and met some new ones. Realized today that I haven't read LJ all month!

This evening I am heading out from Sacramento to drive to Costa Mesa for CaliFur this weekend.

Anyone want to ride with a moger?

I am leaving about 6pm from near the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento...driving down the 99 and/or the 5. should get into the area around midnight - 2am range.

Should be fun... get to meet some furiends that I have only talked to online.

If you are on my furiends list, you can text message me via my info page.

I will probably not be online much until next week.... *mogerhugs*
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Hoofy 21st Birfday [profile] fallimar!

In celebration, today is Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day (at least in the US) =)
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The Moger was sighted at an In-N-Out Burgers on Truxel in Sacramento, CA this afternoon.

Below is one image that was taken.   For more images visit the Moger Sighting Gallery.

Head, Tail, Hooves and Paws by [livejournal.com profile] fallimar of Draconics.

Jersey by Moose Hockey.

Pants by Dockers.


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