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I wish this was said before the Election here in California.
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I left at 9pm on Wednesday from Southern California and drove straight through to Denver, arriving just before 2pm on Thursday at my destinaion. I tried getting on a WiFi connection. No luck, so plan B. MSN Mobile IM.  He is online. I send him a message saying Hi. We chat for a couple minutes, while I wait for someone to open the security door so I can ask them if I can get it.  Fortunatly a cleaning lady was going in, so I tailgated into the building.  As I am going up in the elevator, I get ready to text him "What is your wish?" He replies right as I get to the door with "you here." I knock and when he opens the door I say "Wish granted." 

He was in shock for at least an hour and well, kinda out of it for the rest of the day. 

We went walking around downtown Denver, met his roommate, got some dinner, slept, and then the next day, headed out to move my car again. We went to Panera Bread, where the following picture was taken.

I Love My Wuf!

I am still in Denver until at least Monday, and next Sunday at the latest.  When I head back is mainly dependent on the weather.  The worst part of this trip is going to be the drive back.

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Hello... and welcome to my LiveJournal. OK, so you hoof probably been here before.

Just remembered that this weekend was the 21st Annual Stockton Asparagus Festival. Now, normally, Mogers do not like it, but I remember going about 8-9 years ago and hoofing a good time and eating some interesting asparagus stuff, so I was hoping to be able to go again. Maybe next year.

In a couple weeks is CaliFur. I hope to at least to get to go for the weekend to see some of my furiends in the area.

Went to the Sacramento 49'er Truck Stop today and ate at the Silver Skillet (pretty good.) The parking lot was packed, so I was worried that it would be crowded but there was only a few people inside. The rest of the people were in the large back parking lot where the Northern Truck Driving Championship was being held. First time I hoof been there, and there were lots of interesting people. I was going to wear my tail but was talked out of it (buh).

All the exciting categories... Straight Truck, Flat-Bed Division, 3-Axle Division, 4-Axle Division, Doubles, 5-Axle Division, Tanker, Sleeper, and Package Delivery. The 4- and 5- axle divisions were competing while I was there. Got to see the FexEx Ground NASCAR race car up close... was kinda cool.

This week has been pretty good. As far as going out and doing stuff, it was definately quality not quantity. *happy moger dance* Been busy at work, trying to get stuff online, updated, fixed... it is an interesting work environment and I have hoofing fun. Now if I can just get someone to come down and go out to the yard and find a starter compatible with my car for me :-)

I had a great talk with a furiend about stuff... and made me think about a lot of things. Such as I have some personal and financial stuff that I need to focus on. I shouldn't worry that I have limited interactions with others and that I don't have a BF, and stuff like that. Focus on the immediate, enjoy what I have, and work out my future plans. Now, that doesn't mean turning down opportunities for friends and such... just don't focus so much on it.

Now I am hoofing an interesting talk about God with another furiend. Don't fear death. Don't rush into it either. Enjoy what you have and make the best of it. There isn't Fate, just direction. Life is a obstable course, take your time to make the right decisions and you will have more fun.

BTW, At my wake, I would like everyone to have a good time. I know it is really for the furiends and relatives (since I won't be attending).. but can McDonald's Happy Meals be served? That way everyone gets some food, has some fun, and a cool toy to take home. Much better than just a pamphlet with my face on it, some dates, some words and maybe a few Ferris Bueller quotes. =)

I used to think I would die in my 50s. I want to be 103 (at least)....well, actually I was thinking more like 138+ because it would be kinda cool to make it to the 22nd Century. One of my favorite years is 2121 but I am not sure if I want to be living for over 159 years. =)

If you want to have some moger time, I sometimes have Monday nights, Wednesday night, Friday nights, Saturday (various times) and Sunday afternoons available. But don't worry about my schedule.. I am spontaneous. Call, txt, msg, IM, email, write...whatever and let me know if you want to hang out with a moger somewhere (or at my house) for awhile. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't.

If anyone has a 2007 Saturn Sky that would let me drive it one or even ride in it once, I would be a very happy moger. OK... I already am a very happy moger...yeah.

Oh, a few days ago, McDonalds said they were teaming up with a fitness company to sell exercise DVDs at its US restaurants with the launch of its new "happy meals" for adults. It is partnering with responDESIGN, the publisher of Yourself!Fitness, a video game focused on health and fitness. Under the partnership, McDonald’s will sell exclusive Yourself!Fitness DVDs in the United States from April 25 to May 22 with the introduction of its new Go Active! Happy meal for adults. The DVDs will feature a virtual personal trainer and offer 15-minute workouts. Each will focus on a specific program, including yoga, cardio, core strengthening and strength building.

Now, why dont' they include some prOn DVDs in their "Adult Happy Meals"... that would make a lot of adults very happy =) "I'm Lovin' It!"

"Is that happy meal for straight, gay, bi, lesbian or couples?"

I like Napster.

My birthday is in a month (May 23). Amazon gift cards are accepted by mogers =) OK, yeah, I would really like an xbox360 or a notebook or other stuff, but I can't afford that right now.

Some of the things a moger likes from A-Z
Read more... )

This was on my screen for over 2 hours... kept editing and adding to it while talking with some furiends.

Yeah, I am RAnDOm.
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Is it OK to be in love with multiple people?

I mean, I love my wife, however, we are really Parents, Best Friends and Roommates.

I also love my kids.. they are Teh Awesomeness =)

We are going to talk about other peoples.

Hi. I am RAD Moose, and I am a moger.

FYI... yeah, I am that not-as-rare-as-you-might-think gay married male.

I love my friends. I care a lot about them.

Sometimes I got to close to friends, and thought that there was something more. But we realized that we are just really good friends.

The problem is that I am thinking too much..... yeah...go moger!

I love someone very much. They mean a lot to me... probably more than they will ever realize.

I also care about someone else very much. They also mean a lot to me.... definately more than they realize.

One of them is a friend, and for various reasons we are not together. But we are still friends. =)

The other is also a friend and the problem that I have is that based upon how I have been involved with society, you are not supposed to be in love with two people at the same time. So I end up thinking, I still love this guy, yet I need to move on, and I also really care about and love this other guy...and think the feeling could be mutual... but I haven't told him since I am dealing with this 2 person issue (as well as trying to avoid rejection.... even when I thought everything was right, I was rejected.... mogers don't like rejection.)

Part of me wants to walk right up and tell him how I feel.... another part of me wants to just stay quiet and hope it passes so that I will not possibly push a friend away.

Of course, there is the other problem of other friends having issues with me being close to my friend.

Ah, the complicated life of a moger.

Oh.. to complicate it even more, I have told this friend that we could never date as we are too incompatable or don't have enough in common (which we both "agreed" on.) [Random note: I also told my wife on our first date that I would never marry her.]

I don't know if we could spend the rest of our lives together... but honestly, I would like to spend a lot more time with him now and in the future.

Forget about the issues (wife & kids, etc.) that come with a moger... focus on the following question.

Are you just supposed to lose all feelings for someone you love if you also love someone else?

Argh! My brain hurts... time for sleeps.


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