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 Hmmm.. wondering... is it that the coupons do expire before teh end of the year? no one has any extras? no one still has a paid account? 

Oh well.

My Christmas plans... go to my BFs house to have dinner with my MOM and his Parents.  Going to be interesting (my mom doesn't know he is my BF nor that I am gay)

I got $10 in AMC Theater Gift Certificates. The movies are $10.50 (except for AVATAR which is $16.50) but what sucks is.. the closest AMC Theater is 30+ miles away. =/

Rescue is going to draw me something. That will be cool.

Just having a hard time seeing everyone go on and on about what they got or what they gave. =/

Been down worrying about my kids having a sucky Christmas.

From what I understand, K1's school gave each of my kids a few presents. Also K2/K3's school did the same.  That was cool. 

A family from church 'adopted' my kids so they also got some presents... even more kewl.

I heard that then there was a knock on the door. One of my kids went to answer it thinking that it was a friend. It was Santa!

Yup, Santa took a detour and brought each of my kids a couple gifts.  He talked with them and then asked Mom how they have been this year. Santa then had to leave and asked my ex-wife to go to the door with her.  She figured that he would tell her who he was, where he was from, etc. But no. He opened the front door and gave her 3 big bags full of presents for the kids for Christmas... and then disappeared.

She has no idea where he came from, just that they were "House #174" on his list.

Wow.. thanks Santa, I definitely owe you.

So although my Christmas isn't great, I am happy that my kids are having a good one.  Thanks again, Santa (and friends)
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Going to hang out with my BearCub for a few days.

Taking the Metrolink down there. Takes 2 hours so it isnt too bad, except that it leaves here at 6:41am (and the next one would be late afternoon...) =(

He has to work, so I am going to hang out at Disneyland for part of the day... but it is supposed to rain like crazy. =(

In any case, it is sort of a mini-vacation that isn't costing me anything. =)

But I am going to see if I can find some possible job opportunities in the area.

Hoping to make it up to Sacraento on 12/22 and back down hereon 12/26 if possible.

I have a tentative ride up there, and either a flight or maybe a ride back. Dunno.

If anyone in hte Sacto area is reading this and wants to hang out a little bit, please reply or send me an email.

I am going to be pretty busy with my kids while I am up there, but might have a little bit of time to say Hoooooooonk!!!! =)
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As part of my resolution on LJ, I am posting this message BEFORE I read my Friends page =)

I just got off the phone with  a friend who gave me an early Christmas present.

He told me directly about how he feels I deal with things and that I need to open up more.. no, not talking about LJ, but I need to discuss things with others both in a 2 way medium (in person, chat, phone) as well as private journaling (no not LJ.) Yeah, there was more,but this is not the place nor the time for me to discuss that =)

He used the term that I have used to describe how I feel often... "overwhelmed."

I actually smiled each time he said it as it was true.

I have had an awesome life, and will have an awesome life... I just need to get back on track... on the rght track.

In case I don't get a chance to talk to you before then.. Hoof a Murry Chris Moose and a Hoofy Gnu Deer!

PS. Enjoy a nice Christmas Song!

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I haven't been on LJ for awhile.. not even to scan my friends page. However, while waiting for something, I actually logged in (I usually think of logging in right after the computer is off.)

Wow... how depressing. Reading everyone's depressing posts (and some not so depressing posts.) From family to Christms to PCD to FC. Buh.

Just thinking how this is going to be the last Christmas as a "family" here so I am not sure how it is going to go. About the closest thing I am expecting for me is a cell phone, that the Pyger is getting from her new job for me (she is getting herself an eN-V... very kewl phone... mine is more basc.) I don't know what to get her as my $ are basically non-existant (and I don't think RAM for her laptop would be what she would like to get for Christmas.) And I don't feel right asking for aything for me (so I ask for the things that I would really want that no one can afford to get me like an xbox360 or a laptop...things I want or need but too expensive.)

OK, how about World Peace? A Hug?

I would like to go to FC, but too much $ and other things (like my fursuit needs work, Pyger's new job schedule, and feeling like there is not much reason for me to go.. might as well give awa what I was going to do at FC... I was hoping to get fitted for a tux nd wear it at FC...Moose, RAD Moose... and also do some convert activities.... but again no $ for the tux nor the spy equipment.)

Geez, I was in a pretty good mood before reading LJ. Guess I better stay away... not like anyone is really missing me here.

Murry Chris Moose and Hoofy Gnu Deer!

See ya in 2007...maybe.

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