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ZOMG! 2 Posts in 1 Day!!?!?!?!?

OK, you probably have seen it around here already as it was offically opened on September 18, 2008.

Register at Disney for a FREE pass to Disneyland or DisneyWorld on your birthday in 2009!

You need to register now and they will email you the pass 2 weeks before your b-day in 2009.

Go to the following link for more info...

http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/disneyparks/en_US/WhatWillYouCelebrate/index?name=FreeOnYourBirthdayPage ;
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Hoofy Birdy Two Me

Thanks [profile] streakthetiger and [profile] doberman_guard for the b-day wishes. Was nice to log in and see that someone remembered.

I got a few IMs, and a thread in a forum I work on.

Got an email from one brother, a phone call from another, and nothing from the other (yeah, that one.)

Got a call early in the morning from my kids =)

Got a call and txt from [personal profile] seren
My mom took me to Rubio's so I could use my $7 off anything coupon.

I got a call from an ex-BF. (yeah, that one.) But it was nice.

A friend sang a song on webcam.

While most of my friends forgot, and I really didn't get to celebrate or anything like that,  nor get any cool presents or cards.. it was still nice of those that did remember.

There is always next year....maybe.
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  • My ex-wife had a b-day yesterday.. Hoofy B-Day!
  • My daughter has a b-day tomorrow.. Hoofy B-Day!
  • A friend had one a couple days ago.. Hoofy B-Day!

The following note is for those of you who are NOT related to me: One last note. I am back with my BF after breaking up.  I know this is LiveJournal, teh home of teh DramaLlama.. but whatever. Not going to post all the details.  What matters is that we discussed it, in depth. Our relationship is just that...ours. It is for the sake of the two of us. Sorry if it doesn't make you happy. It makes us happy, and that is what is important. There are still lots of steps in building the relationship as we move forward. If you have something positive to say, thanks. If not, have a nice day. Have a few thousand of them.

For those who ARE related to me: *mogerhugs* please disregard the above.. we already talked. ubawesomeness.

Jo Vjtod

May. 30th, 2007 01:42 am
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I haven't been reading LJ... because it just makes a moger too emo.

Now what sucks is, I have to make an emo statement right now...

Sorry about the lack of an LJ-CUT on my last huge (altho' worksafe) image post.

The guy only made it 11:40 instead of 24 hours. 

Thanks to [personal profile] kovufor the nice birthday shoutout last week... (yeah my b-day was 5/23)

The Pyger and 2 of the squids return late Wednesday.  Been kinda interesting having the place all to my self since Friday afternoon.

I was going to clean up the place, but it looks more like I just pushed around some papers. 

And, being a RAnDoMoose... Ferris Bueller's Day Off is playing in Sacramento Thursday night @ 10pm WooHoo!

Hoofy Belated B-Day to [profile] polarbear_raq(cake?) 

Thanks for the omlette [profile] sailor_atma=D

Thanks for the b-day msg [profile] redhaski.

I got a bluetooth headset from Pyger and teh Squids for teh one that I stepped on (buh).  I also got a little briefcase business card holder from my mom.  Went out to dinner on my b-day to On The Border (since I had a coupon) with teh family and Raq.

I wish I had more time to visit... but I also hoof been running errands.

Things are moving forward... I hope what I want is there at the end of the journey.

"If you don't draw strength from the person, you don't love them, you just like them." - credited to Taleeno via Andy.
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OK... so it's my birthday and I am in a really weird mood. So this "friends list" meme is going around... and being a moger... I decide to flip it.... it isn't me posting about my list, it is YOU posting about my list =)

"Take a look at my friends list, then list up to ten things you want to say to ten different LJ friends on my list. DO NOT state who these people are. DO NOT confirm nor deny any "comment speculation.

Watch, gentle reader, as we turn it into a weapon against our friends lists!

This meme doesn't do much to reveal the author's attitude towards individuals on the friends list. What it does do, however, is reveal the reader's attitude towards themselves. So what does your friends list think of themselves?"

"Reading the responses will tell you exactly what people think of themselves."

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OK...well, tomorrow is my birthday and I am working from 8am to 5pm...WooHoo!!!!

Don't hoof anything planned for tomorrow night yet and not sure what I want to do.

The Pyger asked me what I would like her to cook for me for dinner... I dunno.

Not expecting any cool presents, since I spent all the $ for them going to CaliFur and hotel. =P

Hey, this sounds emo ACK!!111!!!!

I was just going to post to see if anyone hoofed any suggestions.

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Hoofy 21st Birfday [profile] fallimar!

In celebration, today is Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day (at least in the US) =)
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Hoofy Birfday [profile] whyttygrgrl! *mogerhugs*

Now just to find 42 people to spank you 42 times =)

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