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Where are you staying?
- Marriot on Fri/Sat nights
- Hilton on Sun night

Who will you be with?
- Not with anyone =/

Do you do trades?
- n/a

What suits will you have?
- None. Teh Moger suit needs some repairs but I am flying up and don't have room to bring it =(

What is your gender?
- Male

- Male

How old are you?
- GreyMuzzle =)

Can I touch you?
- Uh.. um. maybe?

Can I talk to you?
- yup yup yup

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
- Mountain Dew please. (If coming from a state that has Mountain Dew Livewire, I would love some! It is not sold in California)

Can I give you lots of money?
- I guess.

Are you single or taken?
- Single

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
- Yes *mogerhugs*

How tall are you?
- 5'10"

You look pissed off out of suit can I come up to you?
-  I do?

Are you nice?
- I consider myself nice but there's always room for improvement =)

Are you cliquey?
- Not that I know of.

Can I stalk you?
- Prefer if you didn't. Just come up and say Hi (or Honk if you are a moose)

How long are you going?
- 1/13-1/16 (Fri-Mon)

Do you have an artist table?
- Nope.

Do you like parties?
- Yup

Do you attend the dances?
- usually

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
- Walk up, introduce yourself and say Hi =)

- maybe.

Can I room with you?
- The rooms I are in seem to be full. 

Running or attending any panels?
- I are a RAnDoMoose, so not sure yet.

Will you be in the Fursuit Parade?
- Not in, unless someone has a suit that I can wear.

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