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[Error: unknown template qotd]I used to work at Radio Shack (yes, back when it was two words.)

A customer bought a product, took it home, used it, engraved his name and personal information on the back panel and then after a couple weeks decided that he didn't want it. It was working fine, he just didn't want it anymore. Since the product was no longer in sellable condition, I offered to take it back less the cost of a new back panel (it was about $100 for the item and the panel was around $10.)

He threw a fit. He started yelling and screaming.  I just stood there behind the counter in my nice button down shirt, tie, slacks, shiny shoes and name tag. He then started to personally abuse me, then he reached for my tie.  Now, since I don't really like ties, I just wore one because it was required.  As he grabbed the tie, I stepped back.  


He looked at me, he looked at the tie in his hand, he looked at me, the tie, me, the tie... this went on for way too long. 

Yeah, I was wearing a clip on tie that day. =)

He threw the tie at me and left without saying another word, leaving behind the product he wanted to return.

Of course there were many other stories about working at the Shack.

One of my favorites was a German couple who proceeded to talk to each other in German about the 'product' but were really berating my co-worker who was helping them. They turned to him and said that they needed to go talk about it more and would be back. He said that he enjoyed helping them and looked forward to their return... in perfect German.  They then realized that he heard everything they said.  They ended up buying a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff =P

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If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

RAD Moose. Because almost everyone knows me by that name. (Yeah, a few of you probably thought that I already have renamed myself.)

Your Turn.

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