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I had that pre-interview phone call early November, so I flew back to SoCal on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 expecting to get a call that Thursday or Friday. Nope. No call. =/

On Saturday, my Mom gives me a small clipping out of the classifieds for someone looking for a "web manager." So I do some research about it, the site, why the last web manger left (yeah, all that Stalker Moger stuff... oh, the person moved out of state to start their own non-Internet related business.) I sent in my resume and on Monday I get a call that they would like to meet me for an interview. We scheduled it the next day. Rescue drove me to the location and I had a decent interview. They were also looking for someone to build a site and asked me to submit proposals for the new site, as well as for the 'web manager' stuff by later that day and they would get back to me on Wednesday (as Thursday was Toorkey Day.) I rushed back home and put together two proposals. I sent them off, the asked for phone numbers for references in the morning and I got those to them.. waited for the call.. and waited.. and waited.. nothing =( On Friday, I write to them and they said that Toorkey Day got in the way and apologized that they hadn't made a decision yet. Now the problem is with the new site.. it is supposed to be done and online that Wednesday! On Monday I get a call letting me know that they wanted to go with someone else for the new site, but were impressed with everything else including my references and wanted to have me do the 'web management' stuff however the main guy is busy until this weekend... ah, more waiting. On Thursday I get a call on my 'work' number while walking around Target with Rescue. Thinking it is them I pick it up and it is the guy from the job from a few weeks ago wanting a face to face interview ASAP. We scheduled one for Friday. I went in and bombed as far as I am concerned.. I just sucked. =( but I guess he saw thru all of that and said he would email me a 'take-home test' to get back to him next week and then schedule the next part of the interview. WOO HOO!!! I came home and there it was. I looked at the email and it said to go to a site for more instructions. I did and read it and re-read it a couple times. Clicked thru and read all the stuff they said to read and was like "What am I missing?" as it was about 10-15 minutes and I seemed to grok all of it. (CMS, XML/XSLT, CSS and all those other acroynm type things) I decided that it would proably be best just to put it aside for the day and come back fresh on Saturday to see if I wasn't just hyped up. Also I should hear back on gaining the "web manager" stuff as basically a new client for me and then this job is a FT job.

Ah, from one extreme to the other =P

Sorry about the ramnbling mega 'paragraph.' It's 4:06AM PST and I really should be in bed. Goofnight!
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 So I got up today, got dressed....

Then I realized ... I don't have a bike!

After overcoming that realization, I then though.. WAIT! I don't have a job!

So um... does that count as participation? =)

No Job, No Car... doing my part in reducing pollution!
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I want someone who loves me for me. For all the good and bad parts of me.  Someone who is committed to being there no matter what.

I thought I found that. Twice.  But one needed to deal with his stuff and the other was impatient (but that is understandable.)

That being said, I am not looking for anyone. =)

I am in a position right now that I have other stuff to deal with. I need to focus on that stuff. Not going on a hunting expedition.

That said, I am not going to turn away someone that wants to take a moger out on a date, but I am not actively looking.

On a related note, I have never been asked out on a date =/  would be nice once to be asked out and not being the one that is paying for everything.

Also.. Thanks to all of my friends who some how figured out that a moger needed some support.  Right before I got "teh call," some friends IM'd me (we are talking like seconds before.)  During the call, more showed up and after the call even more.  Thanks!  It meant a lot to me, even if you had no idea what was going on.

Now, what AM I hunting for?  A job.  I need some work. Right now would like to get something in Ventura County (SoCal) if I could as to reduce overhead.  But if there is a decent job for a moger who might not have the bleeding edge skillset, but really likes to get into stuff, I wouldn't mind relocating anywhere in the US. (Resume available upon request. Ask your doctor or pharmacist.  If you erection lasts longer than 4 hours, please consult your doctor as you are doing it wrong.)

Weak End

Apr. 28th, 2006 08:38 pm
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Having a pretty good week, although way too busy with work.

Doing Visual C++ programming for WindowsCE 4.2 platform. Yeah. Uh huh. No, I have not done it before.

Also dealing with a lot of legacy systems and for the most part don't have to deal with the new systems yet.

So, since I have been busy working, sleeping or driving, I haven't been on LJ much... fire up IE7b2 and take a look.

Wow... can LJ suck the joy out of you faster than a [insert funny line here]!

Thought back about a phone call that I got yesterday from a furiend. He probably has no idea on how it impacted me... but it made me smile as I thought, "Some of my friends are on LJ, but they are not defined by LJ and I should not let LJ impact how I feel about them or how their life is better/worse than mine."

Yeah...deep huh?

I know that everyone doesn't like a moger. Sorry. Try talking to me one on one. Tell me what you think about me and I will listen. Please listen to me when I reply.

Went to see Silent Hill with 5p1ic3 and Blue earlier this week... had a good time... at least the Pyger didn't give her directions in the Hospital. (Don't ya hate 'inside jokes'?) It was good, but just that good. I guess I missed something. While it kinda felt like I was watching someone else play a video game... at least they were more entertaining than watching DOOM.

I am busy Saturday morning, and probably afternoon (as the Pyger wants to go to the meet.) Sunday is family day.... so I am usually busy then.

However, as of right now, I don't have anything planned for Saturday night, so if someone wants to have some moger time, let me know.

Anyone going to CaliFur next weekend? Going down Friday night and back Sunday night? Have room for a moger? Just checking.
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First day at the new job flying solo.

Of course, when I arrive, no access to anything. A couple hours later...EMAIL!...well, I had an email address...nothing in the inbox, nor could anyone send me anything... so basically...I really didn't have email.

By the end of the day, I still didn't have access to the trouble ticket system (to tell me what to do,) nor the databases (to get the information I needed) nor the Source Control System (to get to the code).... ah...fun.

Oh...but I have a pager! So, they can page me and tell me something is wrong and I can say that I don't have access =)

Microsoft is having a Make It In Express contest... where you give them an indea on an application or utility that you want to write using teh FREE Visual Studio Express and/or SQL Server Express tools. They pick 12 "finalists" and have them start coding their ideas, while blogging the process. In the end, the grand price is $10,000, second prize is $1,000, and the other 10 get $250 Amazon Gift Certificates.

I am thinking of some ideas for the contest as I want to work on some stuff in my "spare time."

Also, if you have any ideas on something that I should work on, please feel free to let me know =)

One item that I was playing around with was an "EMO-Powered" LJ ScreenSaver... well, it would use the RSS feed from your friends list to update information on the screen saver. (Yeah. I'm bored.)

Well, I am going to head off to bed. Hoof to be up about 6:30am to start the day (if I have access to that =P )

Anyone got any plans for this weekend?

Right now, I might have Wednesday night and/or Friday night and/or Saturday night free if anyone wants to hang out with a moger.

Anyone? Anyone?

Now, don't anyone rush the line! =P
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I landed a programming contract.

Up to 8 months.

Possibly contract to hire.


That is all.
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So, I get a call yesterday as I am trying to run out the door. It is my recruiter...the guy who hooks me up with contracts.

Hi, I am RAD Moose and I am a contract programmer =)

He has a position in the Health Care industry dealing with Access programming. Now, if you have worked with me in the past, you know that Access is not the highest on my list of exciting things to do, but I have done a fair amount of it. So, since I haven't done it in a paid position in a couple years I had to take a test for Access 2000. Mogers hate taking tests.

It is about 4pm and I have to take the test by 8am. But I am heading out the door...argh! Get back home, and start taking the test about midnight....

It was a timed test on Brainbench. 40 questions, 180 seconds (3 min) each.. I have up to 2 hours to take the test, plus one optional 15 minute break. While I was taking it, I noticed that a bunch of the questions really had nothing to do with Access 2000, at least in the real world. What are ASP questions doing in an Access 2000 quiz? Who really uses Windows 95 or 98 anymore?

Do the quiz and of course, I needed to um, use the little moose room =P... yeah, remind me to do that BEFORE I start a timed test. So I took the optional 15 minute break a little over halfway thru the quiz. I feel like I am failing this quiz. But I try to relax and just do my best. It isn't the end of the world if I fail. I sit back down and finish the quiz. I am tired... had a great night out but also lots on my mind... I feel that I have failed.

Total elapsed quiz time 33:41. (Does not include break.)

Wake up this morning and check my email and find out that I passed with a score of 3.14 (83% better than most people who have taken the quiz.) I am condidered "proficient" at Access 2000. yay.

So, now I wait to hear if I start on Monday.

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