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So, I won a XBOX360 Arcade a year ago (from John's Incredible Pizza Company in Roseville, CA)

Now with the New Xbox Experience just being released, the Arcade doesn't have enough memory to download the 'upgrade' unless I want to use a large chunk of the memory card they included =(

I heard that CORE users were offered a $20 20GB HD Upgrade (+tax/free shipping) but that was just for CORE users (the predecessor to the ARCADE). However, I wasn't sure what they were they were going to offer ARCADE users since they are still selling the same unit this Christmas (albeit with an extra game or two) but I thought I would at least check.

So I fired up the eggzbox360 and got the console ID and serial number from the current interface, went to the XBOX360 Memory Upgrade page at xbox.com and entered the codes.

WOOHOO!!!! 20GB HD (refurb) Upgrade AND a 3 Month XBOX Live Gold card for $29.95 (+ tax / free shipping.)

Not a bad deal since the refurb HDs are going for about $50 and 3mo live is $14.95 I think.

I was thinking that I would have to spend $99 for the pretty cool 60GB HD Live Upgrade (includes headphones and 3 mo live)

So, if you hoof a CORE or ARCADE XBOX360 that you haven't already upgraded, grab the Console ID and Serial Number and head over to xbox.com!

I will post when it gets here. (and thanks to the person who paid for it!)  *mogerhugs*

Oh.. I will also post soon how to use a $17 802.11G Router/AccessPoint from Frys as a XBOX360 WiFi Adapter.  Works pretty well, but takes some work to get it to use some networks.  The 'official' one is much easier to setup but it is also $99 MSRP!

.... any know where I can get an official Microsoft XBOX360 VGA cable cheap?  I need one that also has the adapter to 3.5mm plug so I can use my speakers....
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Got a coupon for a free McDonald's Southern Style sandwich.. tried it.. yuck. Chick-Fil-A much better.

So, I wanted to use the WiFi. Tried the "Do you have any free WiFi coupons?" which does work at some McD's.

No luck. Drank down my Coke and ate the "sand-witch."

Off to Taco Bell. Free WiFi!

So, there is a sign that says "Please limit your stay to 45 minutes" mainly due to the local schools.

I grab MogerMeal (Double Decker Taco, Bean Burro Toe, Cinnamon Twists and an X-Large Mountain Dew)

Sit down, and fire up the computer. Have to log into a "Mega-Bite" page to get access and I am online for FREE.

"Please limit your time if the tables are full."

Well, for the last 4 hours they haven't been full. (Yeah, I have been keeping track.)

But at almost 3 hours, the staff keeps walking by. None wanting to ask me to leave or anything. =)

I am guessing they are talking about me as they keep looking over here. =)

The police have been here a few times too (no, they were just picking up food.)

So they tried to shut off the one outlet here in the customer area, except it also seems to control many other things in the restaurant, possibly the soda/ice machine.  While various things were out, they kept checking if I was online.  Of course, I have about 30 minutes of battery power. =)

So, they gave up on that.

Next was a nice bold move. Cut off the internet, except it seemed to have some problems with their stuff again.. and I anticipated this, and stored some stuff to work on offline.

Now, all they have to do is walk over here and ask, mention something, whatever, and I am out of here =)

Going to leave at 9pm anyways (they close up the customer dining area at 10pm here.. but the signal does make it to the parking lot.... if I had a power inverter... hee hee)

Guess I am being a Moger =P

I wonder how long it is going to be before McD's offers free WiFi at all the stores.

They did cancel the Nintendo DS Free WiFi awhile ago =(

Jack-In-The-Box is "testing" Free WiFi via JackTV at some of their stores (such as the one in Thousand Oaks,. CA,) while other JBX locations such as the one on the 101 in Camarillo, CA are offering their own Free WiFi (which isn't time limited, filtered nor require a sign in.. and yes, it does reach into the parking lot.... and also at qdoba in Westlake Village, CA qnd Valencia, CA)

Oh, well, I better get moving.. hoof a moose excellent day!
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RedBox Free Monday Night Rental Code



First night free, additional nights 99 cents.  VIsit RedBox.com for more info.

There are a fair amount of RedBox locations in Sacramento (at some Longs Drugs, BelAir/Raleys and other locations.  Also in McDonalds in some areas.  Check the site for locations near you.

Not to be confused with DVDPlay... their code for 75 cents off is Boo4U.


Most DVDPlay locations in Sacramento are in Safeway locations, but check the site for more locations.

BTW, was in the Sacramento Safeway over the weekend and they have Free WiFi signs up....ZOMG it is EVERYWHERE!l
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I had to go to Target today to pick up some coolant for the PygerMobile. I figured I would head over to Panera Bread in front of the Safeway on Del Paso in North Natomas (Sacramento,) however I saw that there were people at the one that was just built in front of Target near Truxel and the 80.

I parked the PygerMobile over by the Panera Bread and started to walk to Target (yeah, at least get a little bit of excercise.) As I walked by the front door of the new Panera Bread, a woman asked me if I would like free lunch today. Of course! They are doing a training day and were giving out "Ten Phoney Panera Dollars" for you to spend for lunch. It was nice. Got a "You Pick Two", half a sandwich and half a salad. Also got a Mt. Dew to drink... all for FREE... not to mention FREE WiFi! Yay! Oh wait...even cooler... lots of power plugs near seats!

Where I am sitting the WiFi is bouncing from 24 to 48mbps which isn't too bad, figuring that they problably have a connection under 6mbsp to the net. I am going to move around the store later while running NetStumbler to see if it is just where I am sitting.

They will open on Wednesday, November 8, 2006.

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