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Feb. 15th, 2007 03:16 am
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Now go back to sleep! =)

OK, so I was saying goodbye to some friends online and fired up the browser to make a post on LJ.  But instead, said goodbye and went to bed.  All of a sudden I realize that I forgot to make my post.

So, now I am here... and I forgot what I was going to post about.

Back to sleep for teh Moger.

[how's that for blasting a friends page!]

Hey! Why are you looking over their shoulder reading this anyways?

Don't you have something better to do like maybe take care of that booger hanging out of your left nostril?

and now back to your regularly sized friends page.
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Been up all night.
Missed a call yesterday on my cell since it was charging in the other room.
Got another call later and thought that was the only call.
Got some txt msgs.
Left voicemails.

Yet, I really need sleep.... so I am going to bed with the phone next to me.
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I don't feel good.

No, this isn't emo... just a sick moger.  Got  a cold that I hope goes away REALLY soon.

Got the altenator replaced in Pyger's car. The guy said that he would get my car towed to his place for free to work on the steering column stuff and the flat tire (well, just get that pumped up so I can get a new tire.)  Awesome =)

While not everything is always perfect, I been having a pretty good streak overall. At least more positive then negative.

So, I am a happy, yet sick moger.  So I am going to get some sleeps =) 

Feels weird.... I mean, when I am emo or depressed etc, I just want to sleep... right now I don't feel that way, but I really want to sleep =)

VZNavigator is (make the first legal u-turn) lots of fun =)
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Lot of short posts...Figure save the long ones for the emo.


*happy moger dance*

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