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February 23, 2009
Equality California | www.eqca.org

Dear LJ Reader,

Tomorrow (Tuesday, February 24, 2009,) the Senate Judiciary committee is scheduled to vote on SR 7 (Leno), the resolution calling for the invalidation of Proposition 8.

The other side is urging their members to attend the hearing in large numbers with the hopes of defeating this critical legislation.

Please attend the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing at 1 p.m. in room 4203 at the Capitol Building. Plan on arriving early as there is limited seating and we are expecting a large turn out.

We need to pass this measure with overwhelming support to show that the California Legislature believes Prop 8 was wrong and should be overturned. Your attendance will show the Judiciary committee how important this resolution really is.

Thank you for your support.

In solidarity,

Alice Kessler
Government Affairs Director
Equality California

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Going to hang out with my BearCub for a few days.

Taking the Metrolink down there. Takes 2 hours so it isnt too bad, except that it leaves here at 6:41am (and the next one would be late afternoon...) =(

He has to work, so I am going to hang out at Disneyland for part of the day... but it is supposed to rain like crazy. =(

In any case, it is sort of a mini-vacation that isn't costing me anything. =)

But I am going to see if I can find some possible job opportunities in the area.

Hoping to make it up to Sacraento on 12/22 and back down hereon 12/26 if possible.

I have a tentative ride up there, and either a flight or maybe a ride back. Dunno.

If anyone in hte Sacto area is reading this and wants to hang out a little bit, please reply or send me an email.

I am going to be pretty busy with my kids while I am up there, but might have a little bit of time to say Hoooooooonk!!!! =)
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SATURDAY: Unity in Diversity
Peaceful Outreach and Rally

California State Capital
West Steps , Sacramento

Saturday, November 22
2:00 p.m.

Emceed by
Margaret Cho

This info was send to me from Equality California.  This rally is to support the repeal of Prop 8.

Equality California is dedicated to achieving equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians.

For more info click here.

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August 14, 2008 -- (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Telecom Real Estate Services recently bought a 69.626 square foot operating Data Center including a tape library in the upscale Sacramento suburb of Rancho Cordova available for lease through TelAxis.

Did I miss something?  Rancho Cordova is a "upscale Sacramento suburb" now?

Wow.. did the rest of Sacramento go that far downhill?

Well, at least Rancho Cordova is a city with it's own Wikipedia page.
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Packing up tonight and tomorrow morning.
Heading to San Jose, CA for FC08.
Meet teh Moger @ Table 42 in the Dealers Den.
Demoing FURiends at FC08.
Driving down to SoCal on Monday (unless someone at DT has some space for a moger for the night.)

I took care of the storage issue for now.
Need to pay something before the end of the month.
Need to pay more next month.
Need to catch up by early March.
Still, a lot less stress than it was even a few days ago.

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RedBox Free Monday Night Rental Code



First night free, additional nights 99 cents.  VIsit RedBox.com for more info.

There are a fair amount of RedBox locations in Sacramento (at some Longs Drugs, BelAir/Raleys and other locations.  Also in McDonalds in some areas.  Check the site for locations near you.

Not to be confused with DVDPlay... their code for 75 cents off is Boo4U.


Most DVDPlay locations in Sacramento are in Safeway locations, but check the site for more locations.

BTW, was in the Sacramento Safeway over the weekend and they have Free WiFi signs up....ZOMG it is EVERYWHERE!l
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My new roommate backed out at the last minute. (less than 10 days... buh!  oh well.)

So I have an opening for a room (about 10x10... I dunno, I hoof not measured it yet) at my Apartment in the Natomas part of Sacramento near San Juan and Azevedo.

Move in date would be Oct 1 (although Sept 30 is possible)

Rent is $412.50/mo plus 1/2 utilities (about $75/mo)

If you are interested please email me for more information.


UPDATE: It seems that I hoof found a fur that wants to move in.
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Yes, it is that time again... except that it is the Pyger and the Squids moving out (now known as Seren and the Kids.)

We need help (well everyone knows I need help, but really they need moving help)

They need people to help load up a big honking U-Haul to take stuff across town and then unload it at their new location.

If you can work loading and/or unloading, all assistance is appreciated!

Send me an email, IM, txt msgs or contact me somehow.

When: Saturday, September, 29, 2007
Where: Sacramento, CA (Natomas -> Foothill Farms (Marconi/Auburn area)
Who: Everyone
What: Moving
Time: 8am-6pm (estimated... hopefully much less)
UPDATE:  The "moving" part has been taken care of.  Now what she needs is help moving around the stuff once it is at the new place.  If you can help with that (about 4pm on) there will still be pizza, & soda :-)
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Flashback Features at US Arden Fair, 1739 Adren Way, Sacramento (by Taro's and CPK)

Tickets on sale now for $5 each.  All movies start at 10pm on Thursdays.

June 21 - Lost Boys
June 28 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
July 5 - Reservoir Dogs
July 12 - Blazing Saddles
July 19 - Spaceballs
July 26 - Titanic
Aug 2 - Top Gun

I will be at the July 5th showing of Reservoir Dogs.

Jo Vjtod

May. 30th, 2007 01:42 am
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I haven't been reading LJ... because it just makes a moger too emo.

Now what sucks is, I have to make an emo statement right now...

Sorry about the lack of an LJ-CUT on my last huge (altho' worksafe) image post.

The guy only made it 11:40 instead of 24 hours. 

Thanks to [personal profile] kovufor the nice birthday shoutout last week... (yeah my b-day was 5/23)

The Pyger and 2 of the squids return late Wednesday.  Been kinda interesting having the place all to my self since Friday afternoon.

I was going to clean up the place, but it looks more like I just pushed around some papers. 

And, being a RAnDoMoose... Ferris Bueller's Day Off is playing in Sacramento Thursday night @ 10pm WooHoo!

Hoofy Belated B-Day to [profile] polarbear_raq(cake?) 

Thanks for the omlette [profile] sailor_atma=D

Thanks for the b-day msg [profile] redhaski.

I got a bluetooth headset from Pyger and teh Squids for teh one that I stepped on (buh).  I also got a little briefcase business card holder from my mom.  Went out to dinner on my b-day to On The Border (since I had a coupon) with teh family and Raq.

I wish I had more time to visit... but I also hoof been running errands.

Things are moving forward... I hope what I want is there at the end of the journey.

"If you don't draw strength from the person, you don't love them, you just like them." - credited to Taleeno via Andy.
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i want to write. I want to spill out everything going on inside me and around me, yet I can't.

I did show up at court Friday to see what was happening on a case I am very much interested in. Got to see the defendant in his orange jump suit. Doesn't look too good, but he as been in jail for almost 8 months.  He didn't see me at first, but right before he was ushered out of the "cage" he turned and found me sitting, staring at him.... angerly. He had the deer in the headlights look. This is the first time has seen me in well over 8 months.  He knows I am serious. He could not look away. Finally his attorney distracted him. Unfortunaly, she got a continuance until March 1, 2007. While it will be 9 months in jail so far, I want this trial to get going so it can be over with. He is up for 25 to Life right now. Just plead guilty and get it over wih.

That is just one of mny things that are going on with me.

I witnessed an accident on the fwy yesterday as I was driving to pick up teh Pyger. Garbage Truck vs. 4 door car.  The car seemed to change lanes right into the front of the truck and ended up getting pushed down the freeway.  I grabbed my phone and called 911.  In less than 2 minutes, I got answered, got the information to them and hung up. Much better experience than the last time I called 911 on my old cell. This cell has e911 GPS.... was interesting... but after I called, I realized that they could in theory track how fast I was going during the call (I was going 5+ mph over the speed limit, I think)  Was just a weird thought.

And now for something related but not...

Last weekend someone was shot next to our car (not at our apt complex) so while we were at FC our car was stuck in a police crime scene. Not fun. Just yet another thing to add.

And another...

One of the sites that I work was a target for an attack last weekend,while I was at FC... so I spent a lot of my time dealing with that instead of hunting fuiends.

And another...

Still working on the FURiends site. Got a lot of the site working. Have to fix some more bugs, update a database and then email the past members.  Hopefully we will squash any bugs pretty quickly so it can move to BETA. 

There are about 431 other things going on... however, I am not sure if anyone actually reads this =)

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I had to go to Target today to pick up some coolant for the PygerMobile. I figured I would head over to Panera Bread in front of the Safeway on Del Paso in North Natomas (Sacramento,) however I saw that there were people at the one that was just built in front of Target near Truxel and the 80.

I parked the PygerMobile over by the Panera Bread and started to walk to Target (yeah, at least get a little bit of excercise.) As I walked by the front door of the new Panera Bread, a woman asked me if I would like free lunch today. Of course! They are doing a training day and were giving out "Ten Phoney Panera Dollars" for you to spend for lunch. It was nice. Got a "You Pick Two", half a sandwich and half a salad. Also got a Mt. Dew to drink... all for FREE... not to mention FREE WiFi! Yay! Oh wait...even cooler... lots of power plugs near seats!

Where I am sitting the WiFi is bouncing from 24 to 48mbps which isn't too bad, figuring that they problably have a connection under 6mbsp to the net. I am going to move around the store later while running NetStumbler to see if it is just where I am sitting.

They will open on Wednesday, November 8, 2006.
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Just got back from the Rock Kills Kid concert at Hard Rock Sacramento.

Hoofed fun with [profile] nekomonthetiger,   [profile] luxemburgskunk, and [profile] whyttygrgrl. at the concert.

Too tired to type much more.



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For those who didn't "get" my last post.. yeah... the "Friends With Benefits" meme.... It was a joke... hence you couldn't post a comment to it if you tried... like anyone would. =) If someone wanted to date a moger, it isn't like they couldn't have tried already... not like I am hiding how to contact me. Speaking of doing anything... I seem to have a couple tickets to the Rock Kills Kid show at the Hard Rock (Sacramento) tonight still available =) If you want to hang with a moger tonight, send me an email, txt msg, something... before 8pm... The concert starts at 10pm and tickets are not sold for it. Should be fun. Too late...they are GONE!
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The Moger was sighted at an In-N-Out Burgers on Truxel in Sacramento, CA this afternoon.

Below is one image that was taken.   For more images visit the Moger Sighting Gallery.

Head, Tail, Hooves and Paws by [livejournal.com profile] fallimar of Draconics.

Jersey by Moose Hockey.

Pants by Dockers.


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