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The problem with Live Journal is that we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. Hence, I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don’t know about you.
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Moger Movie Meme ....

Go to IMDB Bottom 100 Movies.  Post a list of all the Bottom 100 movies you have seen in a Theater.

Then post one movie that you saw in the theater that you thought should have been on the list but wasn't.

Rank    Rating    Title
2.    1.3    Disaster Movie (2008)
43.    2.0    Barney's Great Adventure (1998)
46.    2.0    Son of the Mask (2005)
57.    2.1    Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996)
63.    2.2    Baby Geniuses (1999)
75.    2.2    Daddy Day Camp (2007)

Warlords of Atlantis (1978)

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As part of the "I Log On (to LJ) Therefore I Post" directive, I have added slightly to it. 

IF I log on to LJ, I will post an entry into my journal AND I will comment on at least one post.

OK, I commented, and now I post. =)

Being a moger, I am full of awesomeness (and randomness) =P

However, when it comes to drawing, I am all hooves.

I need 3 images to go on a website that I am developing, however, when I have talked with various people they all want $$$ to do them.

Yes, they deserve to get paid for their work. However, I don't have any of those "$" thingies either.

So, anyone want to make 3 graphics to put on the site I am working on?

They are all 3 rectangles, 150 wide and 300 tall, blue, rounded corners, gradient background, themed to the site. each have some text at the top and an image situated towards the bottom half.  One has a single "person", another has a group of "people" and the third has a generic "software box" type package on it.  

The first box is for people to sign up for the site, the second box is for those who can send people to the site and the third box is for those who can provide products or offers for the site to show to the members of the site.

Below is an 'idea' about the 'person' look, however, please note that the following item is trademarked/

I am also open to any creative ideas, to get the point across.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration.

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Today has had it's moments of suckage...
  1. Phone call earlier.. stuff I didn't want to hear.
  2. On LJ.. see a pic that I really didn't want to see.
Well, the day is about half over, and while both of those things suck, it isn't like the whole day sucks.  Sometimes it is awesome when you have moments of 'nothing.' No suckage, no uberhappyness... just being.  Most of my day has been like that. And...well, I am ok. =_

Yeah, the phone call really really really really sucked and it will cause problems today, tomorrow and for who knows how long =/

And the pic.. well, i would say more but then I would put my hoof in my muzzle and it would go downhill from there.... Ok.. it sucks for me, but not for who was in it... so part of me is happy.  I just didn't need to see it. =)

Other news...

One of the sites that I work on is LionDogWorks.com. I am just the admin and tech moger of the site. Arthur Husky (Leo Magna) is the artist. I also work with some other people on the site that let us have the following features for his comic Fur-Piled.

Fur-Piled Logo
  • Fur-Piled is translated from English into Español , Français and now русский!
  • Fur-Piled now has a navigational footer to let you go forward, back and change languages
  • Fur-Piled now has improved URLs to make it easier to link to (http://www.LionDogWorks.com/furpiled/en/133)
  • Fur-Piled now has multiple new page notifiers (SMS txt msgs, RSS and Email)
  • Fur-Piled now has RSS feeds for each language (updates every time a new page is posted)
  • Fur-Piled now has limited email delivery (updates once have a page has been updated.)
  • Fur-Piled will hopefully later have the image delivered via email/RSS feeds (it is just a link now)
It is fun to work on and lets me check out new technologies and methods of handling the site. Arthur has been putting out 1 or 2 new pages almost every week for the past few months.

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As part of the (now) continuing tradition....Every time I go read my friends page, I am trying to post.

Now, I don't read it every 15 minutes...and sometimes I miss a few days weeks.

Been working on a bunch of tech stuff, including how to offload a bunch of data and bandwidth off a typical host server and onto a storage service so a site can get hammered and still stay up. Got some RSS feeds going, email subscription stuff in the works. Also setting up another site with membership stuff like accounts for various membership levels , access to various content, editing user info, etc.

Lots of tech stuff... now if I just had some income =)

I am actually going to step away from the computers (yeah it is almost 9pm here) and try to get some sleep. =P

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Got a coupon for a free McDonald's Southern Style sandwich.. tried it.. yuck. Chick-Fil-A much better.

So, I wanted to use the WiFi. Tried the "Do you have any free WiFi coupons?" which does work at some McD's.

No luck. Drank down my Coke and ate the "sand-witch."

Off to Taco Bell. Free WiFi!

So, there is a sign that says "Please limit your stay to 45 minutes" mainly due to the local schools.

I grab MogerMeal (Double Decker Taco, Bean Burro Toe, Cinnamon Twists and an X-Large Mountain Dew)

Sit down, and fire up the computer. Have to log into a "Mega-Bite" page to get access and I am online for FREE.

"Please limit your time if the tables are full."

Well, for the last 4 hours they haven't been full. (Yeah, I have been keeping track.)

But at almost 3 hours, the staff keeps walking by. None wanting to ask me to leave or anything. =)

I am guessing they are talking about me as they keep looking over here. =)

The police have been here a few times too (no, they were just picking up food.)

So they tried to shut off the one outlet here in the customer area, except it also seems to control many other things in the restaurant, possibly the soda/ice machine.  While various things were out, they kept checking if I was online.  Of course, I have about 30 minutes of battery power. =)

So, they gave up on that.

Next was a nice bold move. Cut off the internet, except it seemed to have some problems with their stuff again.. and I anticipated this, and stored some stuff to work on offline.

Now, all they have to do is walk over here and ask, mention something, whatever, and I am out of here =)

Going to leave at 9pm anyways (they close up the customer dining area at 10pm here.. but the signal does make it to the parking lot.... if I had a power inverter... hee hee)

Guess I am being a Moger =P

I wonder how long it is going to be before McD's offers free WiFi at all the stores.

They did cancel the Nintendo DS Free WiFi awhile ago =(

Jack-In-The-Box is "testing" Free WiFi via JackTV at some of their stores (such as the one in Thousand Oaks,. CA,) while other JBX locations such as the one on the 101 in Camarillo, CA are offering their own Free WiFi (which isn't time limited, filtered nor require a sign in.. and yes, it does reach into the parking lot.... and also at qdoba in Westlake Village, CA qnd Valencia, CA)

Oh, well, I better get moving.. hoof a moose excellent day!
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OK, let meget this out of the way....

ZOMG! Earthquake! 5.4! About 60 miles away! Lots of activity! Stuff falls off shelves at stores nearby here!

OK.. yeah.. was a lot of rolling/shaking here considering the distance.

So, been almost a week since I posted anything, and that was kinda brief.

I am dating a BearCub.


He isn't on here.

He isn't a Fur.

He is a BearCub.

Still need to get him out to a furmeet =P

Any questions?
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Not meant to be an emoger post.

Just things that I see why I am undesirable....

Care to prove me wrong?

In no particular order

  1. No work
  2. No $.
  3. No place of my own
  4. Living in the middle of nowhere
  5. No car
  6. No local friends.
  7. 3 kids (I don't think this is a bad thing, but it has been mentioned)
  8. Ex-wife (again, not a bad thing, but mentioned)
  9. Overweight (230#)
  10. Balding (I like short hair on me)
  11. Too much gray (hey, it's white and there isn't that much)
  12. I am a fur.
  13. I am a bear. (WTF?)
  14. I am too antlery (I have antlers not horns)
  15. Lame humor
  16. I sleep too much
  17. I am up too late
  18. I am too old.
I wish I could find some work locally, that would let me save up so I could get a car, so I could get a better job elsewhere, then save up to move closer to work. =/   Yeah, it would be easier if I could do it another way, but that seems like the only way and until I get a job, nothing happens.

Anyone want to take me in? =/
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Anyone have any stuff they need done in the realm of things I can do?

Got a website that needs some tech work? (I am all hooves when it comes to graphics.)

Need a item posted on eBay?

I need some $.  Wish I had art skillz. Seems to be a popular thing within the fur community. I am a tech guy.. buh.

Got too much money in your PayPal Account? Please send to radmoose@gmail.com =P


Apr. 25th, 2008 08:26 pm
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Well, The Cub and I are now just friends. =/

This is too much f***ing on cycle. I need to break it.
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My Cub took me to Disneyland yesterday to meet some of his friends.

We got there before noon, and they had already been running around the park.  They went on Indiana Jones, so we waited for them. The ride broke down right before they go on. We waited and waited and waited. It was nice hanging out with My Cub tho.  We walked through the Tarzan Treehouse while waiting.

We all went on Space Mountain and proceeded to have a car overload so they had to shove us off to the side and "redistribute" us onto another car. =P

We went on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster (I almost got 100,000.. yeah not too good.) 

Forget the order of things, but we went to Café Orleans for lunch, went on Haunted Mansion, Pooh was closed, Splash Mountain was too long a line, Autotopia, Snow White, Pinoccio, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Matterhorn, Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain. We waited for Peter Pan, but it had a long line and then broke down (estimated 15-20 minutes before fixed.)

My Cub and I ran over to POTC, where we hopped in the last row of a boat and got some excellent snuggle time while seeing the ride.

I really enjoyed meeting his friends, but it was nice to have some moger & cub time.  He held onto me on every drop.. it was cute =P

We all met back up at the Jungle Cruise. There were a couple things I don't remember from the last time I went on (in 2005) and the guide had some different jokes (along with the ones we all expect... "the backside of water")

On the way back, we stopped for some In-N-Out burgers and had a nice drive back.  I <3 My Cub!


Mar. 30th, 2008 10:57 pm
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I posted an updated profile on a bunch of dating type sites. Been interesting. LOTS of messages. So far no one that I instantly click with (lots of msgs from overseas) but still interesting. I am just stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Most of the "locals" or people that write from within SoCal area want to drive out for a "hookup" at the house. That is not gonna happen. =P
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I left at 9pm on Wednesday from Southern California and drove straight through to Denver, arriving just before 2pm on Thursday at my destinaion. I tried getting on a WiFi connection. No luck, so plan B. MSN Mobile IM.  He is online. I send him a message saying Hi. We chat for a couple minutes, while I wait for someone to open the security door so I can ask them if I can get it.  Fortunatly a cleaning lady was going in, so I tailgated into the building.  As I am going up in the elevator, I get ready to text him "What is your wish?" He replies right as I get to the door with "you here." I knock and when he opens the door I say "Wish granted." 

He was in shock for at least an hour and well, kinda out of it for the rest of the day. 

We went walking around downtown Denver, met his roommate, got some dinner, slept, and then the next day, headed out to move my car again. We went to Panera Bread, where the following picture was taken.

I Love My Wuf!

I am still in Denver until at least Monday, and next Sunday at the latest.  When I head back is mainly dependent on the weather.  The worst part of this trip is going to be the drive back.

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I am a happy moger.

I have 3 awesome kids. I have a awesome boyfriend. Heck, I even have an awesome ex-wife (most of the time *mogerhugs*)

I been getting a lot of my bills caught up with the income from an ongoing website project. Not all, but making a really good dent into what I need to right now.

So, Mr. Moger.. why you posting on the Drama Capitol of teh Interwebs?!?!?!?

Because I hoof something that I need some feedback/assistance/suggestions about.

I want to go see my BF. He lives in Denver, CO. It is about 1,200 miles away. I can get a ticket on Southwest for about $260 roundtrip. The guy who owns the place he is staying at said I can come out and hang there for awhile. I have the time, I just don't have the $ right now. I spent my $ on bills. I wont have the $ to go for awhile. I would like to go ASAP. Why? Because I hope to have a job soon and then, while I would have the $, I wouldn't have the time.

I need some ideas on how to get the $ so I can buy the ticket. Was looking at Southwest Gift Cards and PayPal. Two methods of payment that SWA accepts.  Trying to figure out how to incorporate those into something.

Any suggesstions?
  1. I know that if I had a job, I would have the $. But then wouldn't have the time.
  2. I don't have anything of value to sell at this time.
  3. I can't draw so no "commissions" on FurBuy :-D
  4. No, not going to sell my body (I need more than 25 cents.) =P
  5. It costs the same to fly him out here, but I don't have a place that we can stay.
  6. My car isn't in good shape to drive there, and it would cost about $200 in gas anyways.
  1. Anyone need something couriered to/from Denver?
  2. Anyone need a vehicle driven from/to SoCal to/from Denver?
  3. Anyone need some quick development work on an application or website?
  4. Anyone need webhosting?
  5. ???

Thank you for your time and suggestions =)

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  • My ex-wife had a b-day yesterday.. Hoofy B-Day!
  • My daughter has a b-day tomorrow.. Hoofy B-Day!
  • A friend had one a couple days ago.. Hoofy B-Day!

The following note is for those of you who are NOT related to me: One last note. I am back with my BF after breaking up.  I know this is LiveJournal, teh home of teh DramaLlama.. but whatever. Not going to post all the details.  What matters is that we discussed it, in depth. Our relationship is just that...ours. It is for the sake of the two of us. Sorry if it doesn't make you happy. It makes us happy, and that is what is important. There are still lots of steps in building the relationship as we move forward. If you have something positive to say, thanks. If not, have a nice day. Have a few thousand of them.

For those who ARE related to me: *mogerhugs* please disregard the above.. we already talked. ubawesomeness.

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I want someone who loves me for me. For all the good and bad parts of me.  Someone who is committed to being there no matter what.

I thought I found that. Twice.  But one needed to deal with his stuff and the other was impatient (but that is understandable.)

That being said, I am not looking for anyone. =)

I am in a position right now that I have other stuff to deal with. I need to focus on that stuff. Not going on a hunting expedition.

That said, I am not going to turn away someone that wants to take a moger out on a date, but I am not actively looking.

On a related note, I have never been asked out on a date =/  would be nice once to be asked out and not being the one that is paying for everything.

Also.. Thanks to all of my friends who some how figured out that a moger needed some support.  Right before I got "teh call," some friends IM'd me (we are talking like seconds before.)  During the call, more showed up and after the call even more.  Thanks!  It meant a lot to me, even if you had no idea what was going on.

Now, what AM I hunting for?  A job.  I need some work. Right now would like to get something in Ventura County (SoCal) if I could as to reduce overhead.  But if there is a decent job for a moger who might not have the bleeding edge skillset, but really likes to get into stuff, I wouldn't mind relocating anywhere in the US. (Resume available upon request. Ask your doctor or pharmacist.  If you erection lasts longer than 4 hours, please consult your doctor as you are doing it wrong.)
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Moger In Cowboy Hat Moger In Cowboy Hat
Um.. Moger In Cowboy Hat (at Boot Barn) Yes.. it is a 7 5/8 hat.

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Packing up tonight and tomorrow morning.
Heading to San Jose, CA for FC08.
Meet teh Moger @ Table 42 in the Dealers Den.
Demoing FURiends at FC08.
Driving down to SoCal on Monday (unless someone at DT has some space for a moger for the night.)

I took care of the storage issue for now.
Need to pay something before the end of the month.
Need to pay more next month.
Need to catch up by early March.
Still, a lot less stress than it was even a few days ago.

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Today, Friday, January 18, 2008, I live in Sacramento, CA.

Next Thursday (1/24/08) I pack up everything and head to FC in San Jose, CA.

Following Monday (1/28/08) I head to Southern California where I will be living for awhile.

Going to miss Sac.  Going to miss NorCal.  Going to miss a lot of things... then again, there are things I already miss.

So, if ya see me at FC please say Hi (I will most likely be in the dealer's den at Table 42.)

Oh, and January is National Take Teh Moger Out To Eat Month, just in case you were wondering.

I still have to deal with my storage space (can't afford to move it.)


PS. Chance, find me at FC, I will hoof your stuff.
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I just got a call from John's Incredible Pizza Company in Roseville that I won November's drawing for an EggsBeeOxTreeSexTee er um  xbox360!  *happy moger dance*   Now I just have to wait for it to arrive.

Of course I can't afford any games or accessories.  I do have the Burger King games from last Christmas, and a xboxlive gold 48 hour account and I think I can score some xboxlive arcade titles.

Going to have to ask Santa for stuff (although I don't think he has extra HDTVs lying around.)

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