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That BestBuy ad is annoying.  I could understand it if I wasn't logged in nor at least had a Plus account.. but yeah.

I would like to say thanks to [livejournal.com profile] aethwolf for sending me the LJ coupon!

We have no idea if/when it expires, so hopefully it will still be good when I can afford the paid account which right now looks to be around 2Q10.

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LJ announced "Holiday Promotion" today.  Paid and Permanent members get 10 coupons that they can send to non-paid members. These coupons are for $10 off a annual paid membership (so $9.95 instead of $19.95 for automatic payment or $15 instead of $25 for manual payment.)   What they didn't tell me, an unpaid user, is when do they expire? I kinda miss my PAID account. I have a Plus Account and it is OK.  If they don't expire immediately, can someone (if there is anyone) reading this that has an extra coupon post a comment in reply to this post?  I don't have the $10-15 right now but would like to get a Paid account again when I can afford it.  If they expire in teh next couple weeks, save it for someone that can use it.  Also, please don't randomly send me a coupon as I don't want to get more than one, or even one if I can't use it and someone else could. Thanks.
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 Yes, another log into LJ and another acronym filled post.

Today is the (unofficial) Gay Days Anahiem (GDA) at Disneyland (DL).  I wanted to go,but my AP is blocked on Saturdays. So I would have to pay $40 plus $12 parking to go. So I can justify spending $53 (that I dont have anyways).  Maybe tomorrow.  Tomorrow is GDA at DCA (Disney's California Adventure). AP works so I would just have to pay for parking.. yet I might be able to work something out on that. Dunno yet. Definatey not going to Miley's Sweet16 (yeah,people paid $250 per person to get to go to her party for < 6 hours at DL.)

Today it is cloudy and on and off rainy here.  The people next door are having a "get together" for one of their kids, and people are outside smoking which comes into my condo window.  I didn't think I would be so happy to see it rain =P

Been working with Smush-It today and found that I could reduce all of the LDW images by about 20% overall which will be good as I try to move serving the comic via RSS and EMail (beyond the method now that just sends a link.)

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Today has had it's moments of suckage...
  1. Phone call earlier.. stuff I didn't want to hear.
  2. On LJ.. see a pic that I really didn't want to see.
Well, the day is about half over, and while both of those things suck, it isn't like the whole day sucks.  Sometimes it is awesome when you have moments of 'nothing.' No suckage, no uberhappyness... just being.  Most of my day has been like that. And...well, I am ok. =_

Yeah, the phone call really really really really sucked and it will cause problems today, tomorrow and for who knows how long =/

And the pic.. well, i would say more but then I would put my hoof in my muzzle and it would go downhill from there.... Ok.. it sucks for me, but not for who was in it... so part of me is happy.  I just didn't need to see it. =)

Other news...

One of the sites that I work on is LionDogWorks.com. I am just the admin and tech moger of the site. Arthur Husky (Leo Magna) is the artist. I also work with some other people on the site that let us have the following features for his comic Fur-Piled.

Fur-Piled Logo
  • Fur-Piled is translated from English into Español , Français and now русский!
  • Fur-Piled now has a navigational footer to let you go forward, back and change languages
  • Fur-Piled now has improved URLs to make it easier to link to (http://www.LionDogWorks.com/furpiled/en/133)
  • Fur-Piled now has multiple new page notifiers (SMS txt msgs, RSS and Email)
  • Fur-Piled now has RSS feeds for each language (updates every time a new page is posted)
  • Fur-Piled now has limited email delivery (updates once have a page has been updated.)
  • Fur-Piled will hopefully later have the image delivered via email/RSS feeds (it is just a link now)
It is fun to work on and lets me check out new technologies and methods of handling the site. Arthur has been putting out 1 or 2 new pages almost every week for the past few months.

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I get so few comments I am not sure if anyone even reads what I post anymore.

One of my IRL friends just cut back on his list of LJ Friends using the following criteria....

I have deleted everyone who hasn't replied to my last three entries, I have not talked to on AIM/YIM in the last seven days, or I have not talked to on the phone or seen in person in the last month.

But I wasn't really sure that was a decent criteria for me to use. I needed something a bit more robust so...

I have deleted everyone from my friends list who did not reply on every entry, has not talked with my via IM, that I haven't met, that I haven't talked to on the phone, or have met in person at any point in time.

Yes, basically I have deleted everyone from my LJ friends list as a few hundred was a bit much. If for some reason, you wish to be added back on to my friends list, please reply.

Note: This is not a way for me to change my LJ into "Friends Only" and then say "Oh, yeah, I post all the time but I guess you are not on my friends list" :-)  I will still post.
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Well, I realized tonight (yeah, duh!) that I need to make my own posts BEFORE reading my friends page as if I don't I will probably be brought down.

Simple and Easy.

Latest Quote: "WTF? Audio Ads in your LJ? I thought you had a Paid Account?!?"
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I haven't been on LJ for awhile.. not even to scan my friends page. However, while waiting for something, I actually logged in (I usually think of logging in right after the computer is off.)

Wow... how depressing. Reading everyone's depressing posts (and some not so depressing posts.) From family to Christms to PCD to FC. Buh.

Just thinking how this is going to be the last Christmas as a "family" here so I am not sure how it is going to go. About the closest thing I am expecting for me is a cell phone, that the Pyger is getting from her new job for me (she is getting herself an eN-V... very kewl phone... mine is more basc.) I don't know what to get her as my $ are basically non-existant (and I don't think RAM for her laptop would be what she would like to get for Christmas.) And I don't feel right asking for aything for me (so I ask for the things that I would really want that no one can afford to get me like an xbox360 or a laptop...things I want or need but too expensive.)

OK, how about World Peace? A Hug?

I would like to go to FC, but too much $ and other things (like my fursuit needs work, Pyger's new job schedule, and feeling like there is not much reason for me to go.. might as well give awa what I was going to do at FC... I was hoping to get fitted for a tux nd wear it at FC...Moose, RAD Moose... and also do some convert activities.... but again no $ for the tux nor the spy equipment.)

Geez, I was in a pretty good mood before reading LJ. Guess I better stay away... not like anyone is really missing me here.

Murry Chris Moose and Hoofy Gnu Deer!

See ya in 2007...maybe.

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Aug. 26th, 2006 10:22 pm
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