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Going to hang out with my BearCub for a few days.

Taking the Metrolink down there. Takes 2 hours so it isnt too bad, except that it leaves here at 6:41am (and the next one would be late afternoon...) =(

He has to work, so I am going to hang out at Disneyland for part of the day... but it is supposed to rain like crazy. =(

In any case, it is sort of a mini-vacation that isn't costing me anything. =)

But I am going to see if I can find some possible job opportunities in the area.

Hoping to make it up to Sacraento on 12/22 and back down hereon 12/26 if possible.

I have a tentative ride up there, and either a flight or maybe a ride back. Dunno.

If anyone in hte Sacto area is reading this and wants to hang out a little bit, please reply or send me an email.

I am going to be pretty busy with my kids while I am up there, but might have a little bit of time to say Hoooooooonk!!!! =)
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Hoofy Birdy Two Me

Thanks [profile] streakthetiger and [profile] doberman_guard for the b-day wishes. Was nice to log in and see that someone remembered.

I got a few IMs, and a thread in a forum I work on.

Got an email from one brother, a phone call from another, and nothing from the other (yeah, that one.)

Got a call early in the morning from my kids =)

Got a call and txt from [personal profile] seren
My mom took me to Rubio's so I could use my $7 off anything coupon.

I got a call from an ex-BF. (yeah, that one.) But it was nice.

A friend sang a song on webcam.

While most of my friends forgot, and I really didn't get to celebrate or anything like that,  nor get any cool presents or cards.. it was still nice of those that did remember.

There is always next year....maybe.

Home Alone

Oct. 1st, 2007 01:50 am
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So this is the first night that I am home alone.  No one else here. Seren and the kids are gone. They moved into their new place this weekend. My roommate doesn't arrive until sometime this week.

If I didn't have to get up at 6am (4 hours) I probably would just stay up all night working on cleaning up the mess left behind, the websites I am supposed to maintain, and search for work.

Tentative arrangement is that I have the kids every Saturday while Seren works (like 7am-7pm) , every other Tuesday afternoon/evening (like 3-8) and every other weekend (Friday evening until Sunday night.)

Unfortunatly, I am not working, so I also get to watch the kids every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons (like 3-7) until I do get a job.

Fortunatly, I have awesome kids as well as an awesome ex-wife.
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Yes, it is that time again... except that it is the Pyger and the Squids moving out (now known as Seren and the Kids.)

We need help (well everyone knows I need help, but really they need moving help)

They need people to help load up a big honking U-Haul to take stuff across town and then unload it at their new location.

If you can work loading and/or unloading, all assistance is appreciated!

Send me an email, IM, txt msgs or contact me somehow.

When: Saturday, September, 29, 2007
Where: Sacramento, CA (Natomas -> Foothill Farms (Marconi/Auburn area)
Who: Everyone
What: Moving
Time: 8am-6pm (estimated... hopefully much less)
UPDATE:  The "moving" part has been taken care of.  Now what she needs is help moving around the stuff once it is at the new place.  If you can help with that (about 4pm on) there will still be pizza, & soda :-)
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Is it OK to be in love with multiple people?

I mean, I love my wife, however, we are really Parents, Best Friends and Roommates.

I also love my kids.. they are Teh Awesomeness =)

We are going to talk about other peoples.

Hi. I am RAD Moose, and I am a moger.

FYI... yeah, I am that not-as-rare-as-you-might-think gay married male.

I love my friends. I care a lot about them.

Sometimes I got to close to friends, and thought that there was something more. But we realized that we are just really good friends.

The problem is that I am thinking too much..... yeah...go moger!

I love someone very much. They mean a lot to me... probably more than they will ever realize.

I also care about someone else very much. They also mean a lot to me.... definately more than they realize.

One of them is a friend, and for various reasons we are not together. But we are still friends. =)

The other is also a friend and the problem that I have is that based upon how I have been involved with society, you are not supposed to be in love with two people at the same time. So I end up thinking, I still love this guy, yet I need to move on, and I also really care about and love this other guy...and think the feeling could be mutual... but I haven't told him since I am dealing with this 2 person issue (as well as trying to avoid rejection.... even when I thought everything was right, I was rejected.... mogers don't like rejection.)

Part of me wants to walk right up and tell him how I feel.... another part of me wants to just stay quiet and hope it passes so that I will not possibly push a friend away.

Of course, there is the other problem of other friends having issues with me being close to my friend.

Ah, the complicated life of a moger.

Oh.. to complicate it even more, I have told this friend that we could never date as we are too incompatable or don't have enough in common (which we both "agreed" on.) [Random note: I also told my wife on our first date that I would never marry her.]

I don't know if we could spend the rest of our lives together... but honestly, I would like to spend a lot more time with him now and in the future.

Forget about the issues (wife & kids, etc.) that come with a moger... focus on the following question.

Are you just supposed to lose all feelings for someone you love if you also love someone else?

Argh! My brain hurts... time for sleeps.


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