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 I got the pre-interview call that seemed to go well... at least enough that they are considering having me in for a face-to-face interview when I get back. =)

The location is 12.3 miles or about 25 minutes from teh condo in Moorpark.

So step 1 was submit resume
Step 2 was pre-interview
Next step, face-to-face interview.

Once I get thru all those steps going to have to figure out about transportation as there is no bus service between here and there =/  Might have to get a bike and ride to teh Metrolink then ride to work.  Doesn't sound like a great plan, but I have to get the job first =).

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So yesterday while I was with my ex-wife and K1 at the hospital I received a voicemail. It was from a job that I submitted a resume to about 3 weeks ago. They want to do a 'pre-interview' on the phone. I called back today and the contact was just heading into a meeting and asked if he could call me back later (about 90 minutes) and I said OK. Over 2 hours later he calls and says the meeting ran late and he is heading into another meeting and asked for a block of time tomorrow that he could call. So sometime between 10am and 12 noon I should be on the phone doing a pre-interview.  Wish me luck!

I know how meetings go so I kinda expected him not to be able to call back when planned, and also the rescheduling. They are a busy company and the funny thing is that I think I met everyone involved back in the early 80s =P 

My plans right now are to be back in SoCal next Wednesday so I hope that if they want to do a full face-to-face interview that they can wait until Thursday (Nov 19) or later. =)

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 Just submitted my resume to a web marketing position that I feel I would be a great match based upon the job listing. Hope I hear back (in a positive way) from them soon. Would be nice. =)

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Not meant to be an emoger post.

Just things that I see why I am undesirable....

Care to prove me wrong?

In no particular order

  1. No work
  2. No $.
  3. No place of my own
  4. Living in the middle of nowhere
  5. No car
  6. No local friends.
  7. 3 kids (I don't think this is a bad thing, but it has been mentioned)
  8. Ex-wife (again, not a bad thing, but mentioned)
  9. Overweight (230#)
  10. Balding (I like short hair on me)
  11. Too much gray (hey, it's white and there isn't that much)
  12. I am a fur.
  13. I am a bear. (WTF?)
  14. I am too antlery (I have antlers not horns)
  15. Lame humor
  16. I sleep too much
  17. I am up too late
  18. I am too old.
I wish I could find some work locally, that would let me save up so I could get a car, so I could get a better job elsewhere, then save up to move closer to work. =/   Yeah, it would be easier if I could do it another way, but that seems like the only way and until I get a job, nothing happens.

Anyone want to take me in? =/
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I have been looking at jobs all over the place.. well, all over the US. However, I want to stay in California.

I want to live somewhere in CA where I don't need a car. Of course, this means that I get a job that is close to where I live and I can either walk or take public transportation.  Some areas that have come up are Long Beach, Santa Monica, and the Bay Area.  Well, I need to focus on getting a job first. Wish I could telecommute =)

Been trying out various online services such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Last.fm and various new "web 2.0" sites. Interesting stuff, but I need to focus on something that provides income. I don't think I would make much $ doing the BlogTalkRadio thing (other than some people might pay me to stay OFF the air) =P

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