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  • My ex-wife had a b-day yesterday.. Hoofy B-Day!
  • My daughter has a b-day tomorrow.. Hoofy B-Day!
  • A friend had one a couple days ago.. Hoofy B-Day!

The following note is for those of you who are NOT related to me: One last note. I am back with my BF after breaking up.  I know this is LiveJournal, teh home of teh DramaLlama.. but whatever. Not going to post all the details.  What matters is that we discussed it, in depth. Our relationship is just that...ours. It is for the sake of the two of us. Sorry if it doesn't make you happy. It makes us happy, and that is what is important. There are still lots of steps in building the relationship as we move forward. If you have something positive to say, thanks. If not, have a nice day. Have a few thousand of them.

For those who ARE related to me: *mogerhugs* please disregard the above.. we already talked. ubawesomeness.

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No, this is not the latest meme... don't worry. 

So, I sat down with paper (gasp!) and thought I would do an exercise of making a list of things to do that would make me happy.  Not things that I want to do (like go to WDW, or take someone on a date) or things that others can do for me (like taking me to sushi) but things that I can do.

I sat there for a LONG time just staring at the paper. Nothing was coming to mind that would fit into that category.  Things that I can  do to make me happy.  No, having sex just isn't what is going to make me happy right now.  Staring at the paper, holding back my want to doodle on the paper. A plain white sheet of 88 brightness soft white 20lb paper and a nice pen in my paw.

I was just about to give up when FINALLY one thing came to mind, so I quickly wrote it down....

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*happy moger dance*



Feb. 18th, 2007 12:17 am
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I am Sofa King Happy =)
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Yes, I am going.

I should be there Thursday evening.

Problably thru Sunday or Monday night.

Got a ride there.. not sure about back yet.

The Pyger was nice enough to find someone to watch the squids while she is at work so I could go for the full con.

The Pyger and squids might show up Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Not sure.

If you see a moger, I might or might not be in teh mogersuit.... please feel free to hug.

I do need to find someone who can do some work on teh mogerhead (it needs some eye and ear work.)

*happy moger dance*

PS. Trying to get FURiends in to BETA mode by Thursday at 5pm.
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It is amazing how a small amount of time can change your stress level.

OK, so I am up at 3:30am... but I am a fairly happy moger.

could I be better? definately.

But greatly reduced stress for now.

*mogerhugs* Hoof moose excellent sleeps.

Love ya, pup!

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