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I have been working at getting FURiends back online and re-opened.

Tentative Beta Date is September 9, 2009 (09/09/09) however, I am trying to much earlier.

I scaled back what in hindsight was overly ambicious goals and features.

In order to try to keep everything (read: users info / profiles) intact, I spent most of the time fixing and tweaking things.

So, recently I decided that 12+ months offline wasn't worth it and a lot of that info would have changed so I 'nuked' the site.

All that is left is the usernames/passwords/email addresses of the members.

I am going to be sending out an email to all of the registered members soon on how to get back online and update your info.

The site is now going to be 100% free. Not just free for most stuff. Formerly it was free for everything but those things that cost a lot of money to run (such as video/audio chat.) In the last 12 months some things have changed in available technology so I am testing bringing the FLASH server 'in house' to cut back on costs as well as some other features.

The new business model is based upon donations and ads. Ads will be shown to anyone who visits that is NOT logged in. If someone has donated ($5+), they will not see the general ads anytime they are logged in. Plus, any month that the site meets the donation goals, the general ads will be turned off for ALL members who log in for the rest of that calendar month.

So, what does "general ads" mean? When the site is 'ad-free' it will only show ads for furry related events (ie. FC, AC, FurFright, etc.) and ads for the site itself (for example self-promotion of features or alerting you to something upcoming on the site.) All other ads are 'general ads'. So, if you don't want to see ads, donate. =)

The site will have Instant Messenger and Audio/VIdeo chat enabled for all registered members.

I expect some issues as it comes back online and appreciate your patience.

There is a survey link and a feedback form to get your feedback.


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As I am overwhelmed with stuff to do, FURiends keeps getting put on a back burner due to lack of time and money.[Poll #1304443]

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Packing up tonight and tomorrow morning.
Heading to San Jose, CA for FC08.
Meet teh Moger @ Table 42 in the Dealers Den.
Demoing FURiends at FC08.
Driving down to SoCal on Monday (unless someone at DT has some space for a moger for the night.)

I took care of the storage issue for now.
Need to pay something before the end of the month.
Need to pay more next month.
Need to catch up by early March.
Still, a lot less stress than it was even a few days ago.

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i want to write. I want to spill out everything going on inside me and around me, yet I can't.

I did show up at court Friday to see what was happening on a case I am very much interested in. Got to see the defendant in his orange jump suit. Doesn't look too good, but he as been in jail for almost 8 months.  He didn't see me at first, but right before he was ushered out of the "cage" he turned and found me sitting, staring at him.... angerly. He had the deer in the headlights look. This is the first time has seen me in well over 8 months.  He knows I am serious. He could not look away. Finally his attorney distracted him. Unfortunaly, she got a continuance until March 1, 2007. While it will be 9 months in jail so far, I want this trial to get going so it can be over with. He is up for 25 to Life right now. Just plead guilty and get it over wih.

That is just one of mny things that are going on with me.

I witnessed an accident on the fwy yesterday as I was driving to pick up teh Pyger. Garbage Truck vs. 4 door car.  The car seemed to change lanes right into the front of the truck and ended up getting pushed down the freeway.  I grabbed my phone and called 911.  In less than 2 minutes, I got answered, got the information to them and hung up. Much better experience than the last time I called 911 on my old cell. This cell has e911 GPS.... was interesting... but after I called, I realized that they could in theory track how fast I was going during the call (I was going 5+ mph over the speed limit, I think)  Was just a weird thought.

And now for something related but not...

Last weekend someone was shot next to our car (not at our apt complex) so while we were at FC our car was stuck in a police crime scene. Not fun. Just yet another thing to add.

And another...

One of the sites that I work was a target for an attack last weekend,while I was at FC... so I spent a lot of my time dealing with that instead of hunting fuiends.

And another...

Still working on the FURiends site. Got a lot of the site working. Have to fix some more bugs, update a database and then email the past members.  Hopefully we will squash any bugs pretty quickly so it can move to BETA. 

There are about 431 other things going on... however, I am not sure if anyone actually reads this =)


Jul. 15th, 2006 11:03 pm
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I havent been on LJ much.. which is probably a good thing.  Been busy ar work as well as a personal project.  Was supposed to get a eCommerce contract but that is still on hold. I just have been busy either working on my project or actually being offline... which is a good thing.

So, you ask, what is your "project" that you now have referred to  multiple times??

FURiends.com - Where Your Friends Are Furs!

OK, it is a social networking site that is furry oriented. It is still in early development stage. I opened it up to selected furry friends and they invited some others and it has been growing pretty good in the last couple weeks.  Late last night (Friday) I opened it up to anyone who wanted to sign up, instead of requiring an invitation.  The site is free to register. There are upgrades that give you more 'features', but the basic stuff is there, including being able to communicate with others. I hate going to a site, signing up and then finding out if I want to send or receive a message from someone I have to pay... a lot!  So the features that basically are missing from the free account are things that you probably have another place that provides it for you (as they eat up bandwidth/space on the site and that is part of what costs me $)  So, the paid levels get IM/Chat, Forum, Create a blog, and more photo storage (free account includes 10 photos.)

If you are a fur, please drop by and sign up during the alpha testing.  I apprecaite all of the feedback.

Oh... I am also looking for artists that want to get a spot on my screensaver for the site, just send me an email and I will let you know how you can get a spot =)



Jul. 5th, 2006 05:59 pm
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Anyone know where I can get a bunch of eCards that are furry oriented that I can barter for a upgraded membership to a new site?

I need both image (animated or not) and Flash type content.

And just what is this new site? 


Hoping to "go live" by Saturday, July 15, 2006... but everything is subject to change.
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Bored... and awake at 3am.

The Pyger is out at a meet or something.

So I went to see CARS with 2 of my kids. Was fun.

Back home, sat at the computer for the last..uh...6 hours?

Not like I don't get enough of this at work. =P

Had some nice chats with FURiends online... was nice.

(Wish you were here.)

So, now I am asleep at the keyboard...so goofnight!

BTW, the last week has been pretty awesome in its own way. Yeah, highs and lows, but still pretty awesome. I need to get out more =P

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