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OK, let meget this out of the way....

ZOMG! Earthquake! 5.4! About 60 miles away! Lots of activity! Stuff falls off shelves at stores nearby here!

OK.. yeah.. was a lot of rolling/shaking here considering the distance.

So, been almost a week since I posted anything, and that was kinda brief.

I am dating a BearCub.


He isn't on here.

He isn't a Fur.

He is a BearCub.

Still need to get him out to a furmeet =P

Any questions?


Apr. 13th, 2008 08:30 pm
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On Wednesday April #, I was modifying my online profiles. I thought that I had a profile on one site, but could not find it. So I figured since I was already there I would post my 'new' profile that I had worked one.  Basically a standardized profile that I would post instead of the "Just ask me" type that I had posted on some sites

So shortly after I had posted the new profile, a cub in the next town over send me a message. We then exchanged AIM screennames so we could chat.  We chatted for hours.  Mogers LOVE asking questions as well as being asked.  I asked him LOTS of questions and he was answering most of them the way I would. I almost thought he had my "Ask Moger Anything" thread printed next to him. =)  He said that "Oingo Boingo" and "Lame Moger Humor" were two things that stood out =P

We planned on meeting up on Friday, but before we logged off (early Thursday morning) he asked "What are you doing after 7pm tonight?" and I replied "Hanging out with you."  So we met up Thursday night. He took me out to The Hat in Simi Valley and we hoofed pastrami sandwiches. It was a very nice evening.

We met again Friday afternoon, and I had a great time with the Cub.

He had to go hang out with some of his friends over the weekend (it was planned before we met.)

We hung out again a few times this past week. =) Was very nice.

Yesterday (Saturday) we planned on going to a fur meet, but plans changed at the last minute (yeah, mogers are sponaneous)  A friend of mine was going to get us into Disneyland to see Fantasmic and maybe get a ride or two in. Teh Cub had some friends he wanted me to meet.  The traffic sucked. We met up with a couple of his friends (was nice) and then headed over to Disneyland. We got to the park right as the fireworks started, and unfortunatly, we couldn't get a hold of my friend until just a couple minutes before the last Fantasmic performance. So I we decided to leave Disneyland (without going in.. but we did meet up with some furs outside the main gate.) We headed over to In-N-Out to grab some food and then to the fur meet.

Teh Cub did get to meet a bunch of furs and he seemed to enjoy it. The furs that we saw at Disneyland again at the fur meet.  Hung out there for a long time and then headed home.

Was a great day.

I <3 My Cub.
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Had a great time... met a lot of furs that I have talked to online.

In no particular order.. had some fun fursuiting, hanging out with my KiTs and teh Pyger, hanging out with various furs, visiting with my ex's exs =P, holding up people for "stuff," being in the fursuit parade with a total of 286 fursuiters, having some most excellent tea, walked a lot (including to McD's a few times,) dealt with issues of a site I work on being attacked, hung out and helped Windows users try to use the Macs in the Internet Cafe (and yeah, I am no mac expert, but I think I was helpful...also in decoding the Kanja Keyboards,) and well... a bunch more stuff =)

Next year's FC (FCX) is the last weekend of January 2008. The theme is "Fur East." It will be at the DoubleTree San Jose, CA yet again (2009 is still up in the air.)
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The Moger was sighted at an In-N-Out Burgers on Truxel in Sacramento, CA this afternoon.

Below is one image that was taken.   For more images visit the Moger Sighting Gallery.

Head, Tail, Hooves and Paws by [livejournal.com profile] fallimar of Draconics.

Jersey by Moose Hockey.

Pants by Dockers.


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