FC 2015

Jan. 18th, 2015 03:27 pm
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Had a great time at [livejournal.com profile] furcon with Mah Puppeh even if it was for just a very short time.

Hope to make it back next year for a few days!

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Where are you staying?
- Marriot on Fri/Sat nights
- Hilton on Sun night

Who will you be with?
- Not with anyone =/

Do you do trades?
- n/a

What suits will you have?
- None. Teh Moger suit needs some repairs but I am flying up and don't have room to bring it =(

What is your gender?
- Male

- Male

How old are you?
- GreyMuzzle =)

Can I touch you?
- Uh.. um. maybe?

Can I talk to you?
- yup yup yup

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
- Mountain Dew please. (If coming from a state that has Mountain Dew Livewire, I would love some! It is not sold in California)

Can I give you lots of money?
- I guess.

Are you single or taken?
- Single

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
- Yes *mogerhugs*

How tall are you?
- 5'10"

You look pissed off out of suit can I come up to you?
-  I do?

Are you nice?
- I consider myself nice but there's always room for improvement =)

Are you cliquey?
- Not that I know of.

Can I stalk you?
- Prefer if you didn't. Just come up and say Hi (or Honk if you are a moose)

How long are you going?
- 1/13-1/16 (Fri-Mon)

Do you have an artist table?
- Nope.

Do you like parties?
- Yup

Do you attend the dances?
- usually

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
- Walk up, introduce yourself and say Hi =)

- maybe.

Can I room with you?
- The rooms I are in seem to be full. 

Running or attending any panels?
- I are a RAnDoMoose, so not sure yet.

Will you be in the Fursuit Parade?
- Not in, unless someone has a suit that I can wear.

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FC was good. (about 7 out of 10) Could have been better (and probably got the 7 because I got to go with Rescue and hang out with some good friends.)

Sold 5 pages of Lion-Dog's Fur-Piled comic art so far. There are 5 more slots that I can put up, but wondering when I will. It isn't like this stuff is going to regenerate itself, so the winners of the auction are pretty lucky. http://liondogworks.com/auction

Been hanging out with my Puppeh, Rescue (aka BearCub) a fair amount lately so that is cool.

Need to get a bunch of other stuff in order but things are ok.

Got passes to see a preview screening of Friday Teh 13th next Tuesday, so probably going to do that with Rescue.

Getting closer to re-launching FURiends thanks to a few kind donations. http://www.FURiends.com/

Have to 'work' on a site on Valentine's Day Night =/ so not sure what Rescue and I can do. =/

If anyone drinks AMP and doesn't want to use their codes for the new Get Gear promotion, please feel free to send them to me via IM, TXT, Email, what ever.. it is the 2nd line 13 character code on the bottom of the 16oz cans. =)

Tried the new Lightning (Lemonade) and Black Tea flavors. While Recharge (Orange) is my favorite, I did like the Black Tea (Lightning was ok.)  Hope to get my paws on teh Green Tea flavor soon.. I do know that it is available in the Las Vegas area already.


FC 2009

Jan. 18th, 2009 03:46 pm
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As of now, I am planning at being at FC from Friday thru Monday.  Staying at the luxurious Motel6 next to the epicurean delight known as "Denny's."  

My BF is coming along with me to get his initiation into FC.  While he didn't realize he was a fur when he met me, he has since gone to a couple PS parties in SoCal and met a couple of my furiends. He is a "BearCub" (as in the non fur version) but his fursona is "Rescue, The St. BEARnard Puppeh."  So please come by and say HI and give him some hugs and stuff.

After FC we are going to head to Sacramento to drop by to see my kids and then back down to SoCal. Should be an interesting weekend.
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So, it looks like LJ  made my NYE post disappear =P

Belated Hoofy Gnu Deer!


Here are my FC rules thing for 2009!

Where are you staying?

Who will you be with?
My BearCub (aka Rescue the St. BEARnard puppeh.)

Do you do trades?
Yes. I trade hugs.

What suits will you have?
I might have my Moger suit, but it needs some work.

What is your gender?
Male (RAWR!)

How old are you?

Very. (but been told I act 17.. and I don't think they were complementing me.)

Can I touch you?


Can I talk to you?
Sure you can! Please do!

Can I buy you lots of drinks?

No.. Sushi Yes!

Can I give you lots of money?

That would be nice.. not sure how I am going to afford to even go to FC (donate? see below)

Can I hug or snuggle with you?

How tall are you?

I'm 5'10"

You look pissed off out of suit can I come up to you?
I do? buh. Please come say Hi,

Are you nice?
Yes, yes I am (then again see "Are you naughty?" below.)

Are you cliquey?
Nope... please come up and say Hi! =)

Can I stalk you?
No, but some sushi would be nice.

Are you naughty?
Depends on who you ask.

Is this stupid?
It's on LJ.

Click to donate =)....
DonationsTracker.com - Live Donations Tracking for FC2009

Breakdown of FC...
  • Motel $200 (3 nights inc. Tax)
  • Registration  $100 (Moger and BearCub)
  • Gas $80 ($40 each way)
  • Food $70 (about 3.50 each meal)

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to fly or to buy....

Farecast is a system that uses various factors to determine when the best time is to buy airfare for a particular date.

Unless you want to fly Southwest, this is a pretty cool site. It also will compare pricing it finds against pricing sites like Priceline, Orbitz and others.

For airfare, it can give you not only the best day to fly, but also the best time to buy a ticket.

But wait, there's more! =) Farecast also handles Hotel pricing.

The site will show you if it is a deal, average rate or not a deal.

From their site...

"Farecast offers unique features to help you Know When To Buy, When To Fly, and Where To Stay—all based on science, not marketing. And now it's available from most major U.S. and Canadian cities to destinations worldwide. Our smart travel search also allows you to easily compare, sort, and narrow down flight and hotel results for hundreds of websites."


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Packing up tonight and tomorrow morning.
Heading to San Jose, CA for FC08.
Meet teh Moger @ Table 42 in the Dealers Den.
Demoing FURiends at FC08.
Driving down to SoCal on Monday (unless someone at DT has some space for a moger for the night.)

I took care of the storage issue for now.
Need to pay something before the end of the month.
Need to pay more next month.
Need to catch up by early March.
Still, a lot less stress than it was even a few days ago.

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Today, Friday, January 18, 2008, I live in Sacramento, CA.

Next Thursday (1/24/08) I pack up everything and head to FC in San Jose, CA.

Following Monday (1/28/08) I head to Southern California where I will be living for awhile.

Going to miss Sac.  Going to miss NorCal.  Going to miss a lot of things... then again, there are things I already miss.

So, if ya see me at FC please say Hi (I will most likely be in the dealer's den at Table 42.)

Oh, and January is National Take Teh Moger Out To Eat Month, just in case you were wondering.

I still have to deal with my storage space (can't afford to move it.)


PS. Chance, find me at FC, I will hoof your stuff.
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i want to write. I want to spill out everything going on inside me and around me, yet I can't.

I did show up at court Friday to see what was happening on a case I am very much interested in. Got to see the defendant in his orange jump suit. Doesn't look too good, but he as been in jail for almost 8 months.  He didn't see me at first, but right before he was ushered out of the "cage" he turned and found me sitting, staring at him.... angerly. He had the deer in the headlights look. This is the first time has seen me in well over 8 months.  He knows I am serious. He could not look away. Finally his attorney distracted him. Unfortunaly, she got a continuance until March 1, 2007. While it will be 9 months in jail so far, I want this trial to get going so it can be over with. He is up for 25 to Life right now. Just plead guilty and get it over wih.

That is just one of mny things that are going on with me.

I witnessed an accident on the fwy yesterday as I was driving to pick up teh Pyger. Garbage Truck vs. 4 door car.  The car seemed to change lanes right into the front of the truck and ended up getting pushed down the freeway.  I grabbed my phone and called 911.  In less than 2 minutes, I got answered, got the information to them and hung up. Much better experience than the last time I called 911 on my old cell. This cell has e911 GPS.... was interesting... but after I called, I realized that they could in theory track how fast I was going during the call (I was going 5+ mph over the speed limit, I think)  Was just a weird thought.

And now for something related but not...

Last weekend someone was shot next to our car (not at our apt complex) so while we were at FC our car was stuck in a police crime scene. Not fun. Just yet another thing to add.

And another...

One of the sites that I work was a target for an attack last weekend,while I was at FC... so I spent a lot of my time dealing with that instead of hunting fuiends.

And another...

Still working on the FURiends site. Got a lot of the site working. Have to fix some more bugs, update a database and then email the past members.  Hopefully we will squash any bugs pretty quickly so it can move to BETA. 

There are about 431 other things going on... however, I am not sure if anyone actually reads this =)

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Had a great time... met a lot of furs that I have talked to online.

In no particular order.. had some fun fursuiting, hanging out with my KiTs and teh Pyger, hanging out with various furs, visiting with my ex's exs =P, holding up people for "stuff," being in the fursuit parade with a total of 286 fursuiters, having some most excellent tea, walked a lot (including to McD's a few times,) dealt with issues of a site I work on being attacked, hung out and helped Windows users try to use the Macs in the Internet Cafe (and yeah, I am no mac expert, but I think I was helpful...also in decoding the Kanja Keyboards,) and well... a bunch more stuff =)

Next year's FC (FCX) is the last weekend of January 2008. The theme is "Fur East." It will be at the DoubleTree San Jose, CA yet again (2009 is still up in the air.)
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Yes, I am going.

I should be there Thursday evening.

Problably thru Sunday or Monday night.

Got a ride there.. not sure about back yet.

The Pyger was nice enough to find someone to watch the squids while she is at work so I could go for the full con.

The Pyger and squids might show up Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Not sure.

If you see a moger, I might or might not be in teh mogersuit.... please feel free to hug.

I do need to find someone who can do some work on teh mogerhead (it needs some eye and ear work.)

*happy moger dance*

PS. Trying to get FURiends in to BETA mode by Thursday at 5pm.

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