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I don't feel good.

No, this isn't emo... just a sick moger.  Got  a cold that I hope goes away REALLY soon.

Got the altenator replaced in Pyger's car. The guy said that he would get my car towed to his place for free to work on the steering column stuff and the flat tire (well, just get that pumped up so I can get a new tire.)  Awesome =)

While not everything is always perfect, I been having a pretty good streak overall. At least more positive then negative.

So, I am a happy, yet sick moger.  So I am going to get some sleeps =) 

Feels weird.... I mean, when I am emo or depressed etc, I just want to sleep... right now I don't feel that way, but I really want to sleep =)

VZNavigator is (make the first legal u-turn) lots of fun =)

Busy Moger

Jun. 22nd, 2006 10:48 pm
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Got a little emo and then realized I hoof not been on LJ most of the week! =)

A lot of things hit me tonight... kinda sucks... brought me down a bit.

But I am heading out tomorrow night... hoof no idea what I am going to be doing, but it will be out and about. =)

Supposed to go to the 2nd day of a 2 day conference in San Francisco on Saturday.  Would rather have Sushi.

Sunday is Pride Day in SF. 1,000,000+ expected to attend.  14 parking spots available. =P

I need US$350.

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So, I was working on my EMO-Powered LJ ScreenSaver.

Of course, I then get interrupted by a bunch of furiends via IM.... which wasn't too bad =)

So, I scaled back what I was working on to a screensaver for the local fur site.

Got version done...WooHoo!

Well, I got a lot more work to do, and then I will turn it loose on LJ.

The LJ version will let you enter your username, and it will go out and grab your friends list, and then show their latest posts on your screen. If you included your password, it will show protected entries as well (this is optional) I might have it grab interests and default userpics, but not sure yet.

Any other "features" would you like to see included?

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OK, I really should be in bed.

Yeah, tonight my bed is not completely empty. There is a Pyger in it. The Pyger has been asleep for about 6 hours. I don't mind sleeping with the Pyger. It is nice to cuddle and be warm instead of just being a cold moger. Some of you thought we (the Pyger and the Moger) slept in seperate beds (like in The Dike Van Dyke show) or even in seperate rooms (ok, can't picture any show with that.) We don't. But there is a big difference holding a [member of whatever gender you are attracted to] than holding a [member of the gender that you are not.] But it is nice to be able to cuddle with someone you do care about. Many of you can't seem to get over the fact that I am married. and have kids, yet am gay and want to be with a male. Also, that my wife (the Pyger) is supportive of me, because we do care about each other.

Soon I will open up another "Ask Moger Anything" type thread and please feel free to ask me anything. Mogers love questions...well, almost can't get enough of them.

I thought I found someone that I would want to be with, yet he couldn't handle that I had a wife and kids. He wanted 101% of me, although he would say that he wanted to take it slow, he couldn't wait to see where I was going. I can't give anyone 101%, but I can give a lot. There is a lot of moger... and I think getting a decent amount of moger is more than enough for anyone as I am a pretty dedicated moger. I don't change my mind easily. I am not one of those who wants to be with you and then a couple hours later says something different.

I am the best, most awesome Moger in the world... even if I am the ONLY Moger in the world!

Want to know what I like? ask
What to know more about me? ask
What to know what I want? ask
What to know how to get some moger time? ask
What to know.... ask!

Some people have been reading a lot into my ELMO posts ("Take The L Out Of ELMO and it's EMO!"...everybody sing!) and missing some points. I have a great life, but to realize that I sometimes have to compare my overall great life to some not-so-great moments. Overall, the past 10 months that many of you have known me have been pretty good. Yeah, I didn't get what I wanted. Is that really my loss? I did get to meet some awesome furiends, chat with people around the globe (anyone know a fur in antartica?), get exposed to a lot of new music, and a lot more.

You have only seen a small part of my life and even then, most of it is ahead of me, as yours is ahead of you.

My past is awesome. My present is awesome. My future will be awesome.

Take life as a whole, not what is going on this hour, this day, or even this week.

Life is a marathon not a sprint. Immediate gratification equals short term satisfaction.

Care to join me for the marathon? It is still a long way to the finish line...but we can do it!

"Take The L Out Of ELMO and It's EMO!" Copyright 2006 RAD Moose =)

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