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Last week my BearCub invited me over for a few days. Unfortunatly, he had to work. On his way to work, he dropped my off at "Disneyland Resort" so I could hang out ther for the day. I have an AP so it didn't cost me anything to go.

Had a pretty good time for being there alone.

Throughout the day I helped people take pictures so ALL of the family could be in them. That was fun ( and I gave out a "Make Someone Smile" Akola card.)

Due to the on and off rain, the parks were not crowded and the longest rides were still 30 minutes or less. (Yes, Splash Mountain was operating as well the Big River Run at DCA)  I skipped Indiana Jones earlier as it was 30 minutes and later when I walked by, it was posted as "10 minutes" but that was probably the amount of time it took to walk to get to the car.  We walked all the way to the film, where they stopped us for what seemed like 30 seconds and then we were over to boarding the car. (On the way, I did stop to push the pole. Also went out of teh way to go pull the rope and when I did the group of people around cheered.. it was kinda funny, and they they all insisted that I get back in line where I was (as about 30 people passed)

The "Christmas" parade was a big disappointment... to even the cast members.  Due to 'inclement weather' they changed the parade.

I was walking back into Disneyland (DL) after being over at California Adventure (DCA) and just after I walked thru the gates I saw a couple cast members just staring thru the tunnel. Their supervisoor came over and said something like "Why did you stop?" They pointed thru the tunnel and the supervisor said, "Oh, that is the Cavelcade of Christmas" and they all laughed.

As I walked thru the tunnel I saw the 'parade.'

Santa and Mrs. Clause in the red 'fire truck,' Mickey and Minnie in the 'yellow coach' and about a dozen cast members and characters hanging out in the 'green double-decker bus.'

People had been lining up for over an hour to see that. They had roped off the parade route as usual and have dozens of cast members in black jackets lining the route.  All of the visitors just had this dazed look on their face. One kid that I walked by said "That was it? We waited for THAT?!"

As I got to the other end of Main Street, a group of cast members were standing around, kinda looking disappointed themselves. One of them said as I walked by "After that, If I had spent $300 to take my family to Disneyland, I would want a refund." Another cast member hit him and told him to be quiet.

The transformation of the castle was ok, and the 'snow' was kinda lame since it was so cold the 'snow' (aka soapy things) clumped together and it looked like big clumps of soap.  One person standing right beneath the 'snow' machine was covered in teh stuff.  I walked thru the castle helping people take pictures again and saw that the Sleeping Beauty walkthrough was open again, so I went thru that. On my way out I was going to go thru the back way to the Haunted Mansion but decided I wanted to get a churro (the line was longer than the rides earlier.) I am so glad that I did.

As I walked by past the Storybook boats and Matterhorn for the churro,music started blasting from the speakers down the road to It's A Small World, and then the christmas lights all over IASM came on, and proceeded to flicker and then go out along with the music sounding like a malfunction. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people just stood there. Then all of a sudden music at high speed starts and video is projected on top of the facade for IASM giving 'life' to all of the parts of it. It is hard to discribe, but each 'part' has it's own video going as well as large animation across the face.. and then building up to a big flash and all the lights came on.  It was amazing to see and a great surprise.

I am glad I went to go get the churro. I didn't know about this nor ever heard about it before. It wasn't on any of the schedules or anything. (About 5:30pm)  Honestly, that was the biggest surprise that I have had at DL in years. It was very cool.

Later that night, before the BearCub picked me up, I was stuck on the train for about 45 minutes as well as in the Monorail. I did get to sit in the back 'pod' of the new Monorail, so that was kinda fun.

My BearCub asked me to go on Space Mountain as that is his favorite ride. So I made sure that I did even though I was really tired. Since I was tired, bored and well, a moger, I had some 'fun' on the ride.  The lady in front of me kept going "Whoop!" at almost every turn and bump. It was annoying in a way yet funny.  She was there with her husband and two kids.  They seemed to have been on it a few times. So, again, being a moger, I decided that I would um, "moose" her =P As we came to the part where the picture is taken, they smiled and looked at the camera, and I put up my hands making moose antlers on her head. Yup, she was moosed!

As we left, I knew that I could easily be recognized and well, I wasn't sure how she (or her family) would take it, so I got out of there quick but close enough to see her reaction.  They came out and were looking at the monitors when she saw it, and she screamed! and then started doing this choking laugh.. .laughing so hard that she propbably did pee, and then the rest of the family saw it and were laughing too. Everyone stopped around there and walked over to see and started smiling or laughing.

"My work is done here."  I just smiled and walked on.
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Going to hang out with my BearCub for a few days.

Taking the Metrolink down there. Takes 2 hours so it isnt too bad, except that it leaves here at 6:41am (and the next one would be late afternoon...) =(

He has to work, so I am going to hang out at Disneyland for part of the day... but it is supposed to rain like crazy. =(

In any case, it is sort of a mini-vacation that isn't costing me anything. =)

But I am going to see if I can find some possible job opportunities in the area.

Hoping to make it up to Sacraento on 12/22 and back down hereon 12/26 if possible.

I have a tentative ride up there, and either a flight or maybe a ride back. Dunno.

If anyone in hte Sacto area is reading this and wants to hang out a little bit, please reply or send me an email.

I am going to be pretty busy with my kids while I am up there, but might have a little bit of time to say Hoooooooonk!!!! =)
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I was in the Disneyland area yesterday, so I decided to run in real quick and check out a few new things.

After parking in the Downtown Disney lot (3 free hours, 2-4 more with validation.. beware tho' $6/hr.. $36/day,) I walked over to the monorail (hoping to get into one of the new ones.. but nope!)

Got off the monorail and was going to try to see Finding NEmo Submarine ride (havent been there yet) but the line was long. So I went into Innoventions.  Been awhile since I had been in there (like when Rocket Rods was still running) =P

After the annoying intro, I walked in expecting to see more of the same of what it used to be.. but instead they turned the downstairs into a home of the future. It was fun to play with the wall controls, and the HP computers.. but what was weird was the large dining table that had 4 large screens in it. A pond was on each adn you could 'play' with the water. While I was watching, a cast member placed an object on one of the tables and tney all changed into "pixie dust" mode to play with.  It definately looked like a Microsoft Surface demo.

So I walked around a bit more and came into a room that had bunch of standalone tables with the same thing, but all of these had the Microsoft Surface logo in the corner.  I played with the photos (not as fast or as smooth as I would have liked, but still was interesting.. wish I had objects to play with.)  Then I enabled the music app, and got a big smile on my face.  Right there.. Oingo Boingo!  YAY! So I played with that for a couple minutes, the back to the pond (I so wanted to go grab the object from the other part of the exhibit!)

After that I went upstairs. Some nice exhibits, some interesting xbox360 games, did a few interactive things.. was cool. On the way out I saw that they have an actual Honda Asimo there.. but the show wasn't going to be for another 45 minutes and I didn't have much time.. so next time.

I then went on Space Mountain (the new speaker system is cool) and then walked down mainstreet and over to California Adventure (DCA). I walked up and saw lots of people leaving and only one gate open. As I gave the cast member my ticket, she sayd "We close in 10 minutes"  Ouch! So I walked back to Midway Mania hoping to get there nefore they closed... as I hoof never been on it.  I got there and there were to cast members partially blocking the entrance, so I just walked up and pass them... right as the group behind me walked in, they closed the line.  Took about 20 minutes to get into the "car" and unfortunatly Mr. Potato Head wasn't working =(

I was impressed and had fun on the "ride/game"  I got about 138,000 (high scores for the day were in the upper 200,000s', and for the month was around 411,000.  I won a "beaver" for my score.  The seat next to me won a 'turtle" with a score of 0.  I kinda was hoping for a camera and email thing like Buzz Lightyear. =/

As I walked out there was a private party of about 30 people waiting to go in and a lot of security.

I walked back thru DCA to the Grand Californian Hotel.. was kinda wierd walking around by myself with everything closed (but some rides were still running without riders) All I saw was a couple security guards.

I walked out of DCA thru the hotel, and to the car.. free parking! in and out in 3 hours.

Had fun and hope I can go again soon.

Speaking of fun . I am looking forward to the debate tomorrow night.

I did think the nice picture of Palin and her coach behind podiums outside under the trees at McCain's ranch was 'cute'
From the angle that I saw, she could barely see over it.

Oh and VoteForTheMILF.com doesn't direct to Palin's page on McCain's site anymore.  But I did notice (being a moger that is turned on more by HTML than pr0n) that the keywords and description doesn't mention Palin at all. Nope. Cindy McCain is in there, but no Palin. Weird.

I wonder if Sarah Palin is dropped from the ticket after this thursday, who would they get in there? (Cindy? hee hee)

Just wondering what the site will reset to after the debate...
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ZOMG! 2 Posts in 1 Day!!?!?!?!?

OK, you probably have seen it around here already as it was offically opened on September 18, 2008.

Register at Disney for a FREE pass to Disneyland or DisneyWorld on your birthday in 2009!

You need to register now and they will email you the pass 2 weeks before your b-day in 2009.

Go to the following link for more info...

http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/disneyparks/en_US/WhatWillYouCelebrate/index?name=FreeOnYourBirthdayPage ;
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My Cub took me to Disneyland yesterday to meet some of his friends.

We got there before noon, and they had already been running around the park.  They went on Indiana Jones, so we waited for them. The ride broke down right before they go on. We waited and waited and waited. It was nice hanging out with My Cub tho.  We walked through the Tarzan Treehouse while waiting.

We all went on Space Mountain and proceeded to have a car overload so they had to shove us off to the side and "redistribute" us onto another car. =P

We went on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster (I almost got 100,000.. yeah not too good.) 

Forget the order of things, but we went to Café Orleans for lunch, went on Haunted Mansion, Pooh was closed, Splash Mountain was too long a line, Autotopia, Snow White, Pinoccio, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Matterhorn, Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain. We waited for Peter Pan, but it had a long line and then broke down (estimated 15-20 minutes before fixed.)

My Cub and I ran over to POTC, where we hopped in the last row of a boat and got some excellent snuggle time while seeing the ride.

I really enjoyed meeting his friends, but it was nice to have some moger & cub time.  He held onto me on every drop.. it was cute =P

We all met back up at the Jungle Cruise. There were a couple things I don't remember from the last time I went on (in 2005) and the guide had some different jokes (along with the ones we all expect... "the backside of water")

On the way back, we stopped for some In-N-Out burgers and had a nice drive back.  I <3 My Cub!

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