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Yet again I got passes to see two new movies at private screenings.

Unfortunately due to the time, my BearCub can't make it with me.

Anyone interested in hanging out with me to see a movie or two?  I have an extra 'seat' for each of the movies below.

Milk - (R) 12/3 Wednesday - apx 6:30 - 10pm - Orange, CA - The story of California's first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk, a San Francisco supervisor who was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone by San Francisco Supervisor Dan White (had someone, but they have to work.)

Frost/Nixon - (R) 12/4 Thursday - apx 6:30 - 10pm - Burbank, CA - A dramatic retelling of the post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost and former president Richard Nixon.

If you would like to see one and/or the other,  please send me an email.

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According to a CNN story, LA county suspended gay marriage licenses...

"Los Angeles County Registrar Dean Logan said Wednesday he was suspending the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in accordance with state laws that say ballot initiatives come into force the day after they are passed."

The problem with this is that is has not passed. There are still ballots to be counted and from what I understand, it doesn't go one way or the other until the state certifies the vote, which I believe is on or about December 2, 2008.

Now, there are at least 3 lawsuits out there as I have mentioned and at least one of them brought up the equality clause in the state constition.

So issuing ANY marriage license violates that clause. 

Then there is still the outstanding issue of existing marriage licenses.  State Atty Gen. Brown has said that as of now he is not going to retroactively void existing gay marriage licenses. I can see why he wouldn't want to. If he does do that, there is an interesting conflict that comes into play. The equality clause.

Based upon that, he would have to void ALL marriage licenses issued in the state of California.

Yeah, Prop 8 is really going to "protect marriage."

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I was driving through Simi Valley, CA tonight and saw a groups of 2 -3 people on the four street corners on the major street holding "Yes on 8" signs.

So, after seeing this, I decided to pull over and talk to someone.

I asked one of the guys if there was someone that I could talk to that was well versed in the Proposition. He said well, why not let me give it a try.

We talked for about 20 minutes. He was a pretty nice guy. Married for 39 years, his kids are married, etc.

In came down to that he is worried about "fringe" gays pushing their views on others and is worried that if Prop. 8 isn't passed that in 5 years we are going to see a lot of bad things.

All of his viewpoints were based upon "FUD", Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

His examples were pretty much all of the stuff that has been fed to him.

In many cases they were either wrong, or based upon the "I am worried that..." type of logic. That people will be forced to accept things from the "fringe" gay community.

He said he had no problems with gays (and bmy use of gays in the discussion really seeed to be LGBT) but he thought that everyone already had the same rights at all levels and also via civil unions.  He thought that gays were protected via hate crime laws. He thought that gays already were protected.  He just wanted "marriage" to be a man/woman thing.

But he couldn't really tell me why. 

When he said about procreation, I said "So, people that cannot have kids shoukld not be married?" He changed the subject.

I do understand some of his concerns.

He is worried about what MIGHT happen.

He doesn't seem to be anti-gay specifically.. just worried about the future.

Is there ANY site for the YES side that doesn't use lies and FUD to try to 'prove' their point?

There is an interesting NO on 8 post that the guy even went as far as to personally buy as space on Google. 


So, any rational Yes on 8 arguments?
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Got a coupon for a free McDonald's Southern Style sandwich.. tried it.. yuck. Chick-Fil-A much better.

So, I wanted to use the WiFi. Tried the "Do you have any free WiFi coupons?" which does work at some McD's.

No luck. Drank down my Coke and ate the "sand-witch."

Off to Taco Bell. Free WiFi!

So, there is a sign that says "Please limit your stay to 45 minutes" mainly due to the local schools.

I grab MogerMeal (Double Decker Taco, Bean Burro Toe, Cinnamon Twists and an X-Large Mountain Dew)

Sit down, and fire up the computer. Have to log into a "Mega-Bite" page to get access and I am online for FREE.

"Please limit your time if the tables are full."

Well, for the last 4 hours they haven't been full. (Yeah, I have been keeping track.)

But at almost 3 hours, the staff keeps walking by. None wanting to ask me to leave or anything. =)

I am guessing they are talking about me as they keep looking over here. =)

The police have been here a few times too (no, they were just picking up food.)

So they tried to shut off the one outlet here in the customer area, except it also seems to control many other things in the restaurant, possibly the soda/ice machine.  While various things were out, they kept checking if I was online.  Of course, I have about 30 minutes of battery power. =)

So, they gave up on that.

Next was a nice bold move. Cut off the internet, except it seemed to have some problems with their stuff again.. and I anticipated this, and stored some stuff to work on offline.

Now, all they have to do is walk over here and ask, mention something, whatever, and I am out of here =)

Going to leave at 9pm anyways (they close up the customer dining area at 10pm here.. but the signal does make it to the parking lot.... if I had a power inverter... hee hee)

Guess I am being a Moger =P

I wonder how long it is going to be before McD's offers free WiFi at all the stores.

They did cancel the Nintendo DS Free WiFi awhile ago =(

Jack-In-The-Box is "testing" Free WiFi via JackTV at some of their stores (such as the one in Thousand Oaks,. CA,) while other JBX locations such as the one on the 101 in Camarillo, CA are offering their own Free WiFi (which isn't time limited, filtered nor require a sign in.. and yes, it does reach into the parking lot.... and also at qdoba in Westlake Village, CA qnd Valencia, CA)

Oh, well, I better get moving.. hoof a moose excellent day!
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I have been looking at jobs all over the place.. well, all over the US. However, I want to stay in California.

I want to live somewhere in CA where I don't need a car. Of course, this means that I get a job that is close to where I live and I can either walk or take public transportation.  Some areas that have come up are Long Beach, Santa Monica, and the Bay Area.  Well, I need to focus on getting a job first. Wish I could telecommute =)

Been trying out various online services such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Last.fm and various new "web 2.0" sites. Interesting stuff, but I need to focus on something that provides income. I don't think I would make much $ doing the BlogTalkRadio thing (other than some people might pay me to stay OFF the air) =P
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RedBox Free Monday Night Rental Code



First night free, additional nights 99 cents.  VIsit RedBox.com for more info.

There are a fair amount of RedBox locations in Sacramento (at some Longs Drugs, BelAir/Raleys and other locations.  Also in McDonalds in some areas.  Check the site for locations near you.

Not to be confused with DVDPlay... their code for 75 cents off is Boo4U.


Most DVDPlay locations in Sacramento are in Safeway locations, but check the site for more locations.

BTW, was in the Sacramento Safeway over the weekend and they have Free WiFi signs up....ZOMG it is EVERYWHERE!l
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I received the following email today (as I do some market research stuff) however I am not able to make it to any of the cities on the dates specified.  I am not sure exactly what age groups they are looking for This is for ages 17 to 55, but if you are interested, following the directions below EXACTLY...  make sure you send the complete email message below (minus this header and the extra stuff as mentioned below) to BOTH of the email addresses listed in the message.


Read more... )






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I will be at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, CA on Sunday, September 24, 2006 along with my dog.

Let me know if you are going... maybe you can meet up with us... or not =)

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