May. 10th, 2010 01:06 am
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When feeling down, I really don't suggest that time to go through your "Friends" list.

I was kinda surprised how many on LJ have un-friended me. =(

Did ya?

May. 5th, 2010 03:41 am
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Did anyone miss me?

Seems that I am rarely missed when not posting on many sites that I am (was) on.

Guess I am down to the following:

Post/Read Sites
  • GMail
  • Remember The Milk
  • Twitter (via Hootsuite)
  • Facebook

Read Sites (Rarely post if at all)
  • Mugshot Museum
  • People Of WalMart
  • Failbooking
  • That's My Boss
  • Not Always Right
  • FML
  • Engadget
  • Google News
  • Netflix
Yeah, that is pretty much it.  All of the other social sites (including this one) I have cut way back on. Not that most people have noticed. =/  I will probably reduce my FB and Twitter usage. Those are the two that I am still most visible on.

I have way too many higher priority things that I should be working on so I can get something that I lost that I really want back.

March and April 2010 have sucked. There were some high points, but some major low points that I am not going to go into here. If you want to know, ask me (just not in public LJ.)

Back to 1

Apr. 22nd, 2010 12:12 am
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 Yeah, I'm single again. *sigh*

Rescue found a great guy that is local and is gonna try a local relationship.

I wish him the best.

I miss him =(
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In the last couple days I have made a little bit of headway doing some Palm webOS development.

Got a few sample apps done, tweaked, etc.

Also started working on my own app.

In a couple weeks, Palm is having a webOS Developer Days weekend (Fri April 23 and Sat April 24) at their Sunnyvale, CA offices.

Hoping to get to go, but have to figure out how to get there and back on an extremely limited budget.

Rental car, bus, or train are all out of my range.

Any suggestions? Any of my readers going? 
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 Hoofy B-Day to the one and only [livejournal.com profile] badboybunny 

14 hours

Feb. 19th, 2010 01:28 am
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In about 14 hours I will be back in NorCal.. Sacramento to be precise.

Really looking forward to seeing my family but at the same time really down about having to leave Rescue down here.

He has way too many 'attachments' to the area to get up and move right now, in addition to other hurdles.

So, in about 7 hours our LDR starts.... and not sure what is the next step, but going to take it one day at a time. 
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In approximately 2 days, 15 hours and 28 minutes, I will no longer be a Southern California resident.

I am moving back to Sacramento and will be a NorCal resident for the foreseeable future.

I am leaving behind my BF Rescue as we try to make a Long-Distance Relationship work.


Taking 2 bags of luggage and will be back for the rest of the stuff later when either my brother can drive it up or I can get back down here and move it back up myself =/

Hope to make it back down for Califur.

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That BestBuy ad is annoying.  I could understand it if I wasn't logged in nor at least had a Plus account.. but yeah.

I would like to say thanks to [livejournal.com profile] aethwolf for sending me the LJ coupon!

We have no idea if/when it expires, so hopefully it will still be good when I can afford the paid account which right now looks to be around 2Q10.

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 Hmmm.. wondering... is it that the coupons do expire before teh end of the year? no one has any extras? no one still has a paid account? 

Oh well.

My Christmas plans... go to my BFs house to have dinner with my MOM and his Parents.  Going to be interesting (my mom doesn't know he is my BF nor that I am gay)

I got $10 in AMC Theater Gift Certificates. The movies are $10.50 (except for AVATAR which is $16.50) but what sucks is.. the closest AMC Theater is 30+ miles away. =/

Rescue is going to draw me something. That will be cool.

Just having a hard time seeing everyone go on and on about what they got or what they gave. =/

Been down worrying about my kids having a sucky Christmas.

From what I understand, K1's school gave each of my kids a few presents. Also K2/K3's school did the same.  That was cool. 

A family from church 'adopted' my kids so they also got some presents... even more kewl.

I heard that then there was a knock on the door. One of my kids went to answer it thinking that it was a friend. It was Santa!

Yup, Santa took a detour and brought each of my kids a couple gifts.  He talked with them and then asked Mom how they have been this year. Santa then had to leave and asked my ex-wife to go to the door with her.  She figured that he would tell her who he was, where he was from, etc. But no. He opened the front door and gave her 3 big bags full of presents for the kids for Christmas... and then disappeared.

She has no idea where he came from, just that they were "House #174" on his list.

Wow.. thanks Santa, I definitely owe you.

So although my Christmas isn't great, I am happy that my kids are having a good one.  Thanks again, Santa (and friends)
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LJ announced "Holiday Promotion" today.  Paid and Permanent members get 10 coupons that they can send to non-paid members. These coupons are for $10 off a annual paid membership (so $9.95 instead of $19.95 for automatic payment or $15 instead of $25 for manual payment.)   What they didn't tell me, an unpaid user, is when do they expire? I kinda miss my PAID account. I have a Plus Account and it is OK.  If they don't expire immediately, can someone (if there is anyone) reading this that has an extra coupon post a comment in reply to this post?  I don't have the $10-15 right now but would like to get a Paid account again when I can afford it.  If they expire in teh next couple weeks, save it for someone that can use it.  Also, please don't randomly send me a coupon as I don't want to get more than one, or even one if I can't use it and someone else could. Thanks.
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I had that pre-interview phone call early November, so I flew back to SoCal on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 expecting to get a call that Thursday or Friday. Nope. No call. =/

On Saturday, my Mom gives me a small clipping out of the classifieds for someone looking for a "web manager." So I do some research about it, the site, why the last web manger left (yeah, all that Stalker Moger stuff... oh, the person moved out of state to start their own non-Internet related business.) I sent in my resume and on Monday I get a call that they would like to meet me for an interview. We scheduled it the next day. Rescue drove me to the location and I had a decent interview. They were also looking for someone to build a site and asked me to submit proposals for the new site, as well as for the 'web manager' stuff by later that day and they would get back to me on Wednesday (as Thursday was Toorkey Day.) I rushed back home and put together two proposals. I sent them off, the asked for phone numbers for references in the morning and I got those to them.. waited for the call.. and waited.. and waited.. nothing =( On Friday, I write to them and they said that Toorkey Day got in the way and apologized that they hadn't made a decision yet. Now the problem is with the new site.. it is supposed to be done and online that Wednesday! On Monday I get a call letting me know that they wanted to go with someone else for the new site, but were impressed with everything else including my references and wanted to have me do the 'web management' stuff however the main guy is busy until this weekend... ah, more waiting. On Thursday I get a call on my 'work' number while walking around Target with Rescue. Thinking it is them I pick it up and it is the guy from the job from a few weeks ago wanting a face to face interview ASAP. We scheduled one for Friday. I went in and bombed as far as I am concerned.. I just sucked. =( but I guess he saw thru all of that and said he would email me a 'take-home test' to get back to him next week and then schedule the next part of the interview. WOO HOO!!! I came home and there it was. I looked at the email and it said to go to a site for more instructions. I did and read it and re-read it a couple times. Clicked thru and read all the stuff they said to read and was like "What am I missing?" as it was about 10-15 minutes and I seemed to grok all of it. (CMS, XML/XSLT, CSS and all those other acroynm type things) I decided that it would proably be best just to put it aside for the day and come back fresh on Saturday to see if I wasn't just hyped up. Also I should hear back on gaining the "web manager" stuff as basically a new client for me and then this job is a FT job.

Ah, from one extreme to the other =P

Sorry about the ramnbling mega 'paragraph.' It's 4:06AM PST and I really should be in bed. Goofnight!
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 I got the pre-interview call that seemed to go well... at least enough that they are considering having me in for a face-to-face interview when I get back. =)

The location is 12.3 miles or about 25 minutes from teh condo in Moorpark.

So step 1 was submit resume
Step 2 was pre-interview
Next step, face-to-face interview.

Once I get thru all those steps going to have to figure out about transportation as there is no bus service between here and there =/  Might have to get a bike and ride to teh Metrolink then ride to work.  Doesn't sound like a great plan, but I have to get the job first =).

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So yesterday while I was with my ex-wife and K1 at the hospital I received a voicemail. It was from a job that I submitted a resume to about 3 weeks ago. They want to do a 'pre-interview' on the phone. I called back today and the contact was just heading into a meeting and asked if he could call me back later (about 90 minutes) and I said OK. Over 2 hours later he calls and says the meeting ran late and he is heading into another meeting and asked for a block of time tomorrow that he could call. So sometime between 10am and 12 noon I should be on the phone doing a pre-interview.  Wish me luck!

I know how meetings go so I kinda expected him not to be able to call back when planned, and also the rescheduling. They are a busy company and the funny thing is that I think I met everyone involved back in the early 80s =P 

My plans right now are to be back in SoCal next Wednesday so I hope that if they want to do a full face-to-face interview that they can wait until Thursday (Nov 19) or later. =)

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 Hoofy B-Day [livejournal.com profile] radjin!

(K3 also says  "Happy Birthday Radjin!")

85 hours

Oct. 28th, 2009 11:01 am
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In approximately 85 hours I will no longer be a paid webmaster.  It has it's positive and negative sides.

And yet again, not ONE place that I have submitted my resume for posted positions has replied.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
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I feel like I am being forced to reduce my 'footprint.'  Lots of negative feedback on all aspects and situations in my life. My knowledge, opinions, experience, etc. is being devalued left and right. No response on any of the (what feels like thousands) of jobs that I have applied for. I ask for help and get very little but  the majority of the 'help' is rather negative.

So, I got a week more to deal with my last client and then I don't exist.

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 Just submitted my resume to a web marketing position that I feel I would be a great match based upon the job listing. Hope I hear back (in a positive way) from them soon. Would be nice. =)

250 to 0

Oct. 15th, 2009 03:40 am
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I lost my one client. The one that pays my bills. The bills like the server, the domains, the software licenses, and my storage space in Sac. From $250/mo to $0. =/ buh.

Depressed. Stressed.

Yeah, it is going to be ok and it will work out.. it always does.

But right now I feel so down.

The server is paid until 11/15. The domains, some due really soon and others not so soon. Storage (the one where all my stuff is in) is in 14 days.

It hurt when it happened. The excuses they gave all had to do with their internal miscommunication. But there is nothing I can do about it. =/

So, I am in Sac, and hoping I can find some work while I am here so I can try to at least pay my bills. =/ 

I hate this.

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