Aug. 28th, 2010

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 Hmmm.. 3 months (-1 day) and I am back..kinda.

My ex-wife has been kind enough to maintain my cell phone as she worked for a major cellular provider. Yeah, worked.  They decided to let her go last Monday. So, now I am losing my cell phone soon. Sometime between today and Monday, I will no longer have a cell phone.

If you want to contact  me you can visit my "contact" page on my site for now.  I have a Google Voice number so you can leave voicemail (from anywhere) or send txt msgs (if in the US).  1-916-436-1418

Another effect of this, is it is possible that I will lose internet access, so will be checking messages when I can get around an open WiFi 'hotspot.'

And the worst possibility.. I might not have a place to live soon.

Coupled with not being able to land a job, not having a car, no degree, no job 'experience' for the last 5 years, having virtually no income and no money....

Right now I am at well over 150 submissions to jobs and 0, yeah,. ZERO responses. Not even rejection. Heck, I don't even get SPAM/ID Theft responses to CraigsList scam ads.

A few years ago, someone that I really cared about said to me "You're not mate material."  It hurt me more than just about anything anyone has said to me before or since. I wouldn't believe it and kept a positive outlook. 

It seems that they were right.


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